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The protocols are executed right in front of you

You are not allowed in, you are not allowed out, you are no longer allowed to go to a theater, restaurant, café, sports match, you are no longer allowed to travel, you are no longer allowed to come into contact with other people, you must do so, you must like this , and we keep a close eye on it all. Violations result in fines and even imprisonment.

If you are wondering how it is possible for all of this to happen and how we make it happen, please read on.

Part 1

The regime

We voted for these people. With their nice talk they lure you to the polls and then give themselves a legitimacy for their behavior. That is democracy ladies and gentlemen. You have chosen it yourself.

And now they are not going away (for the time being). They think they have attained eternal omnipotence. And that's the fault of you and me. We (well, I don't because I don't vote) hired these white collar criminals to take care of us. But yes, we should have known that criminals are not going to take care of us. No matter how big their salary, which we have to cough up, they are only out to cheat us, to oppress us, to tyrannize us. Or could we not have known? Is something else playing in the background?

Think about this: Freedom of expression should be a fundamental right. Freedom of demonstration too. But on the Museumplein, hundreds of heavily armed idiots are ready to arrest you or club you if you want to express your opinion or exercise your right to demonstrate.

It is a fundamental right that you can control your own body. But that has also been taken from you. You are required to undergo medical examinations and genetic engineering of your body. And so I can go on and on.

The genes you voted for take away all your rights.

Part 2

The protocols.

I have already referred to the Protocols of the Magi of Zion in previous columns. (ao The big corona picture, footnote)

A terrifying document describing how a small group of elites want to control all of humanity in every way.

Discussing the Protocols is a sensitive issue for some because the Protocols are a roadmap of a small group of extremely powerful and wealthy Jewish elites to overthrow society and achieve supremacy worldwide.

The Protocols of the Magi of Zion are like minutes of a meeting that took place in Basel in 1897. In 1905 the document was published for the first time, translated into Russian.

Some say it is fictional, others claim it is plagiarism of an earlier document directed against Napoleon, still others think the document is authentic and that it really is a long-term plan to gain world control and suppress humanity. The document has often been misused in anti-Semitic circles, which is why it is a fraught document.

The authors are, we can safely say, anti human rights. The protocols describe the plan to replace the existing governments with a superpower that will rule the entire world through a reign of terror. The Protocols describe in great detail how invisible "Jewish" elites in general work together in as many countries as possible to weaken, infiltrate and undermine the social order in those countries.

I first read the protocols a few years ago and dismissed it as completely absurd.

For a long time, the general consensus was that it was fictional, or at least impracticable. But consensus seems to be crumbling as we see what's going on around us worldwide.

It is a lengthy document and it is difficult to read. But I'll cover and quote some passages from the document that overlap with what's happening now:

Part 3

Protocol I: The Main Doctrine

The introduction states that the vast majority of people have bad instincts and are better governed by fear and violence than by intellectual policy. In fact, legislation is a legal follow-up to the formerly ruling system of fear and violence. Political freedom is just an idea. "The liberal system will loosen the reins of rule and then we will seize power." The new power simply replaces the liberal power that has been robbed of its power. Freedom is not suitable for humans. It quickly falls into violence and lawlessness.

Society will be irrational and fall into our hands. The rule of capital is already in our hands and they will see it as a lifeline to which they will cling.

The people are stupid and superficial and have no idea how we conduct politics. Whoever wants to rule must use cunning and hypocrisy.

"Out of the passing evil that we must now do good will come forth: Eand unshakable government, which will restore the regular course of national life, whose gears were disrupted by liberalism. The end justifies the means. Let's join our plans pay less attention to the good and the moral quality, then to it necessary and useful."

The introduction is also full of texts describing the stupidity and barbarity of the crowd and how the new regime will prevail.

"Our motto is: violence and deceit. Only violence triumphs in politics, in particular

then, if it is hidden in the indispensable talent of a statesman. Violence must be the basis,

cunning and hypocrisy rule for governments that are not inclined to its crown

to lose representatives of some new power."


Part 4

There are 24 protocols in total, each with a detailed description of how little by little power is taken over by breaking down the economy, abolishing religion, re-educating the people, infiltrating all political and administrative layers, infiltrating the educational system and teaching methods, controlling acquire about the press, oppress and imprison the people and so on. The bizarre thing is that if you look out the window now, you can see it all happening right in front of you.

I will give you all the protocols and I always quote the most remarkable passages:

Protocol II: Economic Wars

Quote: We need not be concerned about those who do not belong to our ranks.

Let them live on for a while in the hope of a new future or in the memory

to the past glory. Let them tell themselves that belief in the theoretical

laws, die we have pumped them in is of the greatest importance.

Protocol III: Victory Methods

Quote: I can assure you that we are now only a few steps from our goal. Yet

but a little while, and the circle of the symbolic serpent, which is the emblem of our people, will

are closed. And as soon as the circle closes, all states of Europe will be in it as in one

clamped vise.

Protocol IV: Materialism replaces religion

Quote: Who and what could overthrow an invisible power? This is precisely where the strength lies

our rule. Visible Freemasonry is only aimed at concealing our intentions.

The plan of war of our invisible power, yes even its seat, will always be unknown to the world


Protocol V: Dictatorship and Modern Progress

Quote: We will create a solid centralization of government over all social forces

to unite with us. We will regulate the political life of our subjects through new laws

like the cogs of a machine. These laws will gradually remove all freedoms and concessions,

acquired by the nations, take it back again. In this way will our rule

develop into a supreme despotism, which will be able at all times and in all places

are the people who resist or are dissatisfied, to silence them.

Protocol VI: Acquisition technique

Quote: So that people will not see the true state of affairs too soon, we will examine our actual

hiding plans behind the motive of the working class to help and our eminent

economic principles.

Protocol VII: World Wars

Quote: The increase in military power and the police force is a necessary addition to us

plan. We must ensure that outside of us in all states only proletarian masses,

esome us affectionate milardairs and police and soldiers are ......

....To reach our goal, we need to negotiate and

transactions use great cunning.

In the so-called official language, however, we will act the other way round and will be honorable and

occur on the way. In this way, the worldwide mass and the governments that we meet

accustomed to seeing things as we depict them, still us as the benefactors and

to consider saviors of mankind. 

Protocol VIII: Provisional Government

Quote: We will surround our government with a whole world of economists. This is why the

economics is the most important education in our circles. We will be further surrounded by

a swarm of banking professionals, industrialists and capitalists, especially through

milardairs because ultimately everything is decided by numbers.

Protocol IX: Re-education

Quote: We will rule with a steady hand, for in our hands are the ruins of once upon mighty partyen, which now comes to us zij subject. We have limitless ambition,

burning greed, unrelenting vengeance and deep hatred: From us goes an all-devouring


Protocol X: Preparing for the seizure of power

Quote: To achieve this result, we will arrange for the election of those presidents in whose

past is some black spot. The fear of revelation and the wish that finally of each

man - who has come to power - has, nl his privileges and the associated with his office

benefits and awards, will be loyal executors of our commands from them

to make….

The parliament will elect, support and defend the president.

Edaughters we will deprive this institution of the right to make or change laws. This right

we will grant to the responsible president. which is a plaything in our hands

will be…..

The recognition of our authority can follow before the constitutions are set aside,

when the nations - weary by disturbances and the utter failure of the state leaders,

what failures were brought about by us - will cry out, “Drop them, give us one

World frost.... 

You yourself know very well that - in order to bring the masses to such demands - one continuous in

all countriesn the relations between people and government must confuse and go all over the world

discord, enmity, hatred, yes even through agonizing hardship, through hunger, and through disease,

which we cause in them by inoculating with germs, so that one must wear out, that one does not have others

way out of misery will see itself in our money and in our domination complete


If we give the nations time to catch their breath, then the favorable time will come

maybe never again.

Have a look at this video, from minute 6,34 and listen to some Klaus Schwab, but especially Prince Charles have to say:


Protocol XI: The totalitarian state

Quote: The 'council of state' will have the task of underlining the power of the government. It will

only appearing to be a legislative body, but in reality it will be an editorial committee

are for de effect of laws and governmental ordinances,

An essential part of the program of our constitution is that we legislate

ensure that we administer justice and that at the same time the administration is in our hands.

We will perform this activity:

  1. By proposals to the legislative body.
  2. By ordinances of the president in the form of decrees, by setting aside

           of the senate and by decisions of the council of state in the form of ministerial orders.

       3. At the appropriate time in the form of a coup d'état.

Protocol XII: Control of the press

Quote: Ga message will be made public without our prior knowledge. We already have that result

reached, omthat all messages from around the world at one small number news agencies getting together.

These will pass entirely into our possession and will make known only what we have to them prescribe

Protocol XIII: Derivations

Quote: The care for the daily bread silences the people and makes them ours

devoted servants. Those of those we appoint to our press will, according to the

regulations and write about anything that we cannot openly discuss in the official journals.

During the excitement this creates, we will implement measures that seem useful to us and

present to the public a fait accompli. No one will dare to take back such a measure

do not demand, if we are to present it as an improvement of the current situation.

Protocol XIV: Attack on Religion

Quote: Once we get world domination, we shall not tolerate any other faith than that

of ours God, with whose fate is linked. Obecause we de initiate and

'illuminated' elites and because through our God our lot is with that of the whole world

cohesive. For this reason we must destroy all other religions.

Protocol XV: Relentless oppression

Quote: Before we, however at the power shall Came, we will in every country of the world

establish and increase Masonic Lodges. We will bring into these lodges all those in it

public life play or can play a leading role. These lodges will do it

are the most excellent means of obtaining information and exercising influence.

...Every new establishment of some secret society

will be punished with death. The secret one now known to us

we will disband societies that have rendered us good services and are still proving them. Their

members will be sent to parts of the earth far from Europe.

In this way we will deal with and to those who belong to Masonic Lodges

know a lot. Those we will spare for one reason or another will be among the

constant pressure om to be deported ......We have to

be able to sacrifice individuals without delay, if they violate the existing order, because in the

exemplary punishment of evil is a great educational force.

Protocol XVI: Brainwashing

Quote: Recognizing these facts, we will, to our advantage, the last whiff

of independent thinking. The suppression of the mind is already expressed in the so-called

visual teaching, which will make men learning animals, which do not think, but one

need visual representation to understand a matter.

Protocol XVII: Abuse of Power

Quote: How saltyn we can achieve our goal of disrupting governments? One of

the most important means are the civil servants. Theirs should be allowed their bad

to develop feelings, to abuse their official power and to let go of bribery

dominate en to light others with it.

Protocol XVIII: Capture of opponents

Quote: We'll political detain criminals at first more or less well-founded suspicion.

The fear of a mistake should not cause people to commit a political crime

be suspicious, flee. Want this daden we will really punish inexorably.

Protocol XIX: Rulers and Men

Quote: Rebellions are nothing more than a little dog's barking at an elephant. Is a government,

not only with regard to her police, but also socially well organized, then barks

the dog only against the elephant, because he does not know his strength. It is enough, by a

vexample to set, to prove the significance of this strength and the dog will immediately stop barking and

wag his tail as soon as he sees the elephant.

Protocol XX: Financial program

Quote: Our government will start from the legally established fiction that everything in the territory of the state is owned by the stayed is, an assumption, which can easily be put into action. The government will

therefore proceed to expropriate the assets in cash as soon as they do so for the settlement

of money in circulation is considered necessary.

Protocol XXI: Loans and credit

Quote: We have the corruptibility of the state officials and the negligence of the leaders

used to get our money back two-, three- and multiple-fold, while we give the governments more

borrowed money than they needed unconditionally. Who could imitate us?

Protocol XXII: The power of gold

Quote: In our hands is the greatest power of the present time! The money: Inside

we can withdraw any amount you wish for two days. Do we still have to prove that our

rulership is provided by God?

Protocol XXIII: Indoctrination of respect

Quote: The nations, I repeat, obey only blindly to a strong one,

utterly independent power, sword in hand against any social revolt

defends. Why would people have a world power with an angel soul need? They have to er the embodiment of strength and might in see.

Protocol XXIV: Qualities of the ruler

Quote: Our method will be based on the same principles that apply to our sages in all the world

issues were decisive. HWhat means that we are the mindset of all mankind


Part 5

We see the plan, which has been worked on in the background for over 100 years, now unfold.

There are plenty of examples: Mark Rutte's lies and deceit correspond nicely with protocol 1. Companies are going down, the economy is going down, people hope that things will soon return to normal (protocol 2). The EU, the ECB (Protocol 3). See what happens during demonstrations or resistance (protocol 5). See the policy that on the one hand destroys everything but keeps the people happy with support measures (protocol 6). You just have to take another look at Mark Rutte's policy to recognize Protocol 7. And see the power of the bankers, industrialists, and billionaires declared in Protocol 8. Protocol 9 describes the development that we now only see beginning to happen. We see the American elections and the global planemic explained in protocol 10. In the Netherlands alone, we can see how the second chamber has been sidelined and the judiciary is kept on the leash of the regime (protocol 2). The mainstream media is completely in the hands of the dictators worldwide (protocol 11 and 12). (Religious) groups are set against each other (protocol 13). Infiltration in education and educational systems, censorship and dependence on the internet and gaming, you can read it back in protocol 14. Protocol 16 explains the misconduct of civil servants. Assange, Snowden, Brian Rose, are some international examples of Protocol 17. But close to home we come across similar dishes. Protocol 18 explains the extreme police violence against civilians, protesters and protesters. Klaus' dream, we will take everything away from you, is described in protocol 19. Emerging countries are overloaded with debt and if they can (of course) no longer be repaid, the (bottom) treasures of these countries will be taken away. Western governments are also up to their necks in debt (Protocol 20). The Power of the Billionaires (Protocol 21). Protocol 22, we have only seen the beginning of this so far.

With everything that has happened now, a link can be made to the Protocols. The development of chips (microsoft) with which your thoughts will be read and influenced are already described in protocol 24.

The unique window of opportunity that Klaus Schwab is talking about is caused by the corona fear and panic. Created himself or by chance came out really well, he now sees the perfect time to strike.

The documents produced by the World Economic Forum, The Rockefeller Foundation (operation Lockstep), as well as those of the World Bank, the IMF and the UN, are essentially no different from what is stated in the protocols, only in a nicer packing. The implementation of their plans are presented in these documents with slogans such as: 'good for the environment' and 'to combat inequality'. Of course, the fight against inequality only applies to the stupid bastards. Everything must be taken away from it. His honor, his pride, his dignity, his right to self-determination and his possessions. So, solved! Everyone equally!!!

And the elites will then own everything.

The Masonic Lodges (Protocol 4 and 15) play an important role in the implementation of these plans. They are secret, but not invisible, societies where all important decisions are discussed and made. It is for this reason that almost all regimes take the same crazy measures. In reality, the 'important' persons within these movements are actually only executives of the real rulers, who (almost) do not appear at all.

Joe Biden had to win the election. Because this is the moment when it can and will be struck. Donald Trump was a troublemaker regarding Klaus' “Ze Kreet Griezet”. Joe Biden is nothing more than a useful idiot, a distraction maneuver. Doesn't it surprise you that he has already issued more than 40 decrees in a week? That is more than almost all of its predecessors in that short time combined.

And that while the Democrats have a majority in the senate and in the House of Representatives. So, in fact, his decrees are completely unnecessary. But of course the new world rulers had these plans in place for a long time. And they also see that the resistance is growing and a part of the bastard people is waking up. So action must now be taken quickly, while the panic and fear are still there. You can make the link yourself with Protocol 10.

Part 6

If you still think that it will all naturally return to 'normal' later on, then I have a disappointing message. We are seeing regimes all over the world turning into dictatorships and imposing on us the most insane measures and taking away fundamental rights. And they are not going to give it back on their own. They shouldn't. It is not the visible regimes that pull the strings. In the protocols you can clearly read that they too are only used to realize the great plans of those in power in the background.

We have to hit the streets! We are not going to succeed with a few hundred or a few thousand protesters. Only if we take to the streets with hundreds of thousands can we turn this tide. Otherwise we will be swallowed up by the global dictatorship. Everything will be taken from us. You may still think that the measures do not affect you that badly, but this is only the beginning.

Little by little, little by little, they will take away more rights and eventually you will become a slave to the group of elites who do all this to us. The little dicators, such as Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel, Macron, Biden, useful idiots, have made nice promises. They think that they will soon be the winners of this battle, to thin out and suppress humanity. But I have bad news for the charlatan rutte: you too will soon be put aside. Deported or removed. You can still feel the warm hand of Klaus in your ass. But soon you too will just get a dagger in your back.

If you would like to know more about the Lodges of Freemasonry and who are involved in them, check out this article from Niburu:

The column The Big Corona Picture:

Column: The Big Corona Picture


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