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The RIVM removes its own video with a warning of the danger of masks


RIVM removes its own video warning of the danger of mouth masks

Although even this will still not convince everyone, more eyes will open again after seeing how thoroughly corrupt RIVM and our government are.

But for incomprehensible reasons, fellow citizens still continue to advocate mouth masks. Having no idea what the consequences will be. How much damage it's going to do. They will, especially if they have children, in 1 to 2 months beating themselves for being so naive, but now they don't want to think ahead. A very sad thing.

Who buys a box of mouth caps, while the box itself says that they don't work? What has to happen before it gets through to those people?

What's the matter with our society?

Keep trying to wake up your environment. It is difficult, especially with the kind of people who are so stubborn, still have a big mouth, but don't even realize that they are very badly informed.

Face masks change life forever. The naivety of the people who say: "If it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt." is incomprehensible.

Come to Spain. Parents no longer know what to do because they no longer know their own child. Within 2 months their child was psychologically manipulated and damaged. There is no more joy. Not even in schools.

Many children start to cry when they see someone without a mask. They run away in panic. Others are very unhappy and hide in the house.

Parents who are reading this and are still behind masks, please think.

The RIVM itself has made a clear information video about mouth masks. But they quickly removed this video.

Ask yourself: Why is the RIVM removing this video?


It could be a lot worse. Listen to this telephone conversation with the RIVM. (article)

And it gets EVEN worse. The RIVM dares to deny it flat out. The RIVM LIES without any hesitation. All shame long gone.


But unfortunately for RIVM, the citizens are not stupid:

The RIVM is a great shame for the Netherlands. Together with the government, they are carrying out the greatest crime against humanity ever. Led by Mark Rutte

We can stop this, were it not for the fact that a large part of our compatriots simply do NOT want to wake up. Please shake them up as much as possible. These sleeping people are the ones who pull us all to the abyss.

To the "New Normal" from Mark Rutte.

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