Judy Mikovits' Sad Story, Don't Miss This!

A do not miss this video. Astonishing!

Why this hatred of Dr. Judy?

Pretty simple. She is controversial and not afraid to go against the grain. Mikovits has always been critical of certain vaccines but is generally not an anti-vaxxer. Crazy word, by the way.

She speaks some verifiable truths about AIDS and about Dr. Fauci and Judy is brave and has a very strong story but she plays with fire.

We won't reveal too much and encourage you to watch this video (if you haven't seen it yet).

When you read her Wikipedia page, you get the impression that you are dealing with a disturbed person. Since corona appeared in our lives many Wikipedia pages have been adapted and anyone who does not follow the official (unbelievable) story is also completely burned in the encyclopedia without footnotes or proof. Just to put it as it is. (source)


Conspiracy theories are credited to her. When you read the piece sincerely in Wikipedia you will see that the piece is unworthy of Encyclopedia. It's a hostile article. A sad fact that even in an encyclopedia written by the people themselves if we understand it correctly, this is how it should go.

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Who is Judy Mikovits?

In 1980 Mikovits got her Bachelor of Arts  in chemistry from the University of Virginia.

She worked as a laboratory technician at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in Kalamazoo, Michigan from 1986 to 1987 and left after a dispute over the company's bovine growth hormone product.

In 1988 she worked as a laboratory technician at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Frederick, Maryland under the direction of Francis Ruscetti, who later was her PhD supervisor.

In 1991 she received a PhD in biochemistry from George Washington University.

Her thesis was entitled “Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes”. Mikovits stated that she from 1993 to 1994 as postgraduate researcher worked in David Derse's laboratory. In 1996 Mikovits worked as a scientist at Ruscetti's Laboratory of Leukocyte Biology at NCI.

In May 2001, Mikovits left NCI to join EpiGenX Biosciences in Santa Barbara, CA, a drug discovery company. In 2006 she became the research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute , located in Reno, Nevada.

After publishing a paper in 2009, she became embroiled in controversy. She was fired from it in 2011 Whittemore Peterson Institute.

A nice resume. A slightly better background than our health boss Hugo de Jonge.

And this woman wants to tell us something and warn us about something.

Since then, she has been mainly concerned with warning people and has been involved in various studies whose results may not be negotiable and are pushed under the carpet.

dr. Judy Mikovits



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What people have to go through when they question a number of things is indescribable. Your life is completely destroyed.

Please try this video or any other from Dr. Just upload Judy and you'll get an insta-strike. The YouTube bots have been tuned in such a way that this woman is completely silenced there.

This also applies to many names and subjects. Corona and the vaccine are just moot. And the control and pressure YouTube puts on it is just scary. Sometimes instant, sometimes after a few hours, but your video goes away.

This video in which a citizen, simply a person expressing his opinion on the situation, was immediately removed.


This is no longer allowed on YouTube. Speaking up in the most decent way possible is prohibited.

When you are censored, it is because you are speaking or showing truths. People who have experience with YouTube's censorship by proclaiming this noise will agree that the smear is bizarre and that you won't even be surprised when your video is gone again.

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