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The throw away / throw away society

We live in a consumer society, where a washing machine, for example, used to last for 25 years. Nowadays it breaks after a few years.

The architecture has changed, we live in desolate prefab villages, while beautiful houses were previously built. Where beautiful works of art were created in the Renaissance, it is now clinical and abstract. Nothing matters anymore. We don't have to make sure that something lasts and stays beautiful for a long time. Because we are being programmed that even our own offspring does not matter!

Waste your seed, spray your sexual energy away! It does not matter! Don't waste your strength and creativity for a short-lived dopamine blast! We see the waste of this in everything in our daily life! No more seeds are planted for the next generation.

We are not even aware that wisdom is being lost. That is why the elite has also started to attack the farmers! They still managed to preserve a lot of old science. Who still knows the saying: Big tree, dead plant? By this they mean leave something behind for future generations. What are we leaving for lasting value? A society full of prefab houses, ugly art, effeminate men, feminazies and a pedophile elite. Because from an early age we waste our source of creation and thus get the idea that nothing has more value. We have to see what is happening around it, it is all part of a bigger plan.

If we don't waste our semen unnecessarily, we can channel our sexual energy into other aspects of our lives. So that we can make things that really matter again!

The Incas and the Egyptians left behind pyramids, from the Romans we often find ruins of bathhouses and old buildings. Kings left castles. The canal houses from the Golden Age still stand. And now? With us, the wrecking ball goes through it and everything is put down in a box of blocks, which will also be demolished in a hundred years because it is so unspeakably ugly.

We must become a society of value again!


Brother Bob

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