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The Trojan horse Kaag

The Trojan horse Kaag

Rutte survives because, among others, Seegers (CU) thinks that Mark is indispensable in the directed corona crisis.

As a Rutte student, Seegers forgets that Mark is not only co-, but above all the main culprit of the hysteria that has broken out, after a very nasty flu might have killed a few more old people and various people with underlying illnesses.
The men brothers on Urk and the many religious people elsewhere on the biblebelt prove every Sunday that church-full of singing believers does not cause traffic jams on hearses.

We are on the 3rd wave, while the flu is starting from zero every year. The common flu that never closed schools, bars, hairdressers and other businesses. Noting this, a democratically controlled head of government would have long since been sent home. Especially when it turns out that he has blood on his fingers, because of all those people who died because they did not receive the necessary care thanks to the covid idiocy.

But the human tragedies and immense material damage in Groningen had also been worthy of an instant dismissal.
Not to mention the trauma-provoking attitude of the government towards parents, who had to pay back unjustly capital in supposedly wrongly paid benefits. Rutte once called all those parents fraudsters with impunity. Mark could stay.

He was also not called to account for 10 years of cutbacks in healthcare, as a result of which at least 1.000 IC beds have disappeared, 4 hospitals were allowed to go bankrupt and many well-trained nurses were expelled. By pointing out a shortage of IC beds, hospital places and overworked care workers this year of corona, he received praise and a license to take strict, unproven measures. In an undemocratic way, that is. Mark received a feather instead of a symbolic knee shot.

But where is excessive fuss about? A deliberately leaked typo: 'Omtzigt function elsewhere'.
Conscious? Yes, certainly consciously. Nobody carries very delicate sensitivities so visibly on their arm in this way. There were no journalists, except for a secretly summoned ANP photographer.
An incident compared to all the aforementioned misery. Obviously Ollongren had a purpose with it, of course D66 will profit in the long term, of course Kajsa will eventually be rewarded with a nice mayoral post, or a well-paid job in Brussels. Is it the launch of Nova Kaag? Her hair star is soaring.
Mark could have avoided a lot of commotion if he had immediately indicated exactly how it had gone, had been immediately transparent. Then Alzheimer's would not have had to be removed. Then the mistake would be forgiven him again. Then only the CDA would have become equally restrained for the stage. Then they would have made Pieter modestly big and placed next to Mark as deputy prime minister. Was Mark afraid of that?

But no. The whole country was in turmoil from Monday to Friday. Who had that and who had this? And that question was just repeated and repeated and repeated. A week in which hardly any thought was given to the country. Three words, open and naked, determined the front pages of the national newspapers for a working week. The TV overloaded us with trifles and land affairs came to a standstill.
If Pieter had immediately taken over the direction on Monday and had been ahead of the drifting VVD prime minister of all Dutch people, he would really have shown balls. Then he would have left with all his preferential votes and started his own party. Perhaps some CDA members had joined, perhaps MPs from other parties, including Renske Leijten.
By really putting the citizens first and propagating the basic principles of the AS system, it can be prevented that after Rutte - his expiration date is well overdue - Sigrid Kaag takes over the baton. That is a Rutte 2.0. That's getting George Soros and Klaus Schwab's Trojan horse.

If Kaag starts to lead the Netherlands with the 2030 agenda of WEF (World Economic Forum), the Netherlands will be demolished from within, the Build Back Better ideologues will take over completely. Then within a year we will be longing for a Mark Rutte cycling through a china shop with his inseparable false smile.

Rients Hofstra


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