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The true face of Angela Merkel

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An excerpt from a speech by Angela Merkel in the Bundestag.

The problem with freedom of expression would only exist on a very small scale if we had not given in to the deadly mass immigration in the Western world.

Because the imported non-western migrants from a completely different and retarded culture they will never be able to accept our tolerance and way of life. As soon as you say something about it, they feel offended.

Hence, therefore, the limit of freedom of expression she speaks about. The limit on freedom of expression must be lowered so that these people in particular do not feel hurt.

In fact, problem is not freedom of expression, as it is mentioned here consciously. The big problem is the intolerance that is being imported en masse. Especially by this perilous woman, Angela Merkel.

There are limits to freedom of expression, but national borders are wide open.


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