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The vaccination obligation now also in the Netherlands

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Vaccinate first, then welcome back to the office

Multinational Leaseplan, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, wants employees to be FULLY vaccinated (that probably means 2 shots now and the shots that will follow), an endless process for those who pay close attention.

There we go! This applies to ALL employees who want to return to the office and that also applies to the more than 1.000 employees in the Netherlands.

The car leasing company does not believe in hybrid working. 'The new normal is back to normal', the company said. Unvaccinated employees are not welcome at the offices, even though the leasing company will not check whether someone has actually had the required shots, the company said. (source)

With this strategy, Leaseplan is treading on legal thin ice, although we know that this plan will continue. The Netherlands is really not going to lag behind in this regard. At least not if it is up to the government that has to carry out a task for the benefit of globalism.

"By assuming that employees will be honest about whether or not they have been vaccinated, you can bring people into conscience." says lawyer Pascal Besselink of legal service provider DAS. 'Forcing an employee to be vaccinated is prohibited in the Netherlands. Even if this happens indirectly. Force and pressure are simply not allowed.'

Leaseplan is aware of the legal gray area in which it operates. Still, it's not a concern for now. The company has 8000 employees who work in 30 different countries. There are over a thousand employees in the Netherlands. The prospect of being able to work together again at the office in the near future creates 'a sense of togetherness', according to the company.

 This is uncharted territory legally. But in practice you see that the legal protection of an employee often prevails over that of the employer. In that case, fundamental rights and privacy protection outweigh the duty of care.'

According to Evert Verhulp, professor of employment law at the University of Amsterdam, companies need a compelling reason to make vaccination mandatory. It is about the fundamental rights of employees, namely physical integrity and privacy.

Help: “Fear of contamination of colleagues and customers is not enough. There are other ways to reduce the risk of contamination, such as keeping your distance.” In his view, Leaseplan does not have such a compelling reason. “I don't see that in office jobs. But in healthcare, it could be a different story.”

Office job or construction. Fundamental rights are always violated when someone is forced to inject something into their body.


The union is in all states after Leaseplan announced the vaccination requirement earlier this month. Kitty Jong, Vice-President FNV: “Employers must not abuse their dominant position by forcing employees, directly or indirectly, to vaccinate. The corona vaccine is an important tool in the fight against corona, but it is not up to them to decide. It goes against two fundamental rights: the right to privacy and physical integrity. If a democratically elected government with the consent of the House opts for compulsory vaccination, this is one thing. But if an employer takes the right to oblige employees, that is reprehensible.'

FNV will speak with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment on Thursday, following the debate on this. Young: 'Asking about the vaccination status of employees by employers is of concern to us. This gives employees the feeling of indirect coercion and creates a socially unsafe working environment. There must be a clear and unambiguous answer to this from The Hague, because employers are increasingly looking for the edges. We now see that happening at Leaseplan.'


Our future?

Hugo de Jonge's response:

“There can be no question of a vaccination obligation in the workplace, said corona minister Hugo de Jonge on Monday. But he did not want to pass judgment on the vaccination requirement announced by the company LeasePlan. “I don't know the situation enough for that.”

The situation is simple, Hugo. A vaccination requirement is introduced by a company in your country. and 1.000 of your Dutch are forced to get vaccinated. And then you can't pass judgment as a minister?



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