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The vaccine dashboard, update

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I have for you the latest data on deaths and side effects reported to EudraVigilance, Vaers, as a bonus I have also found them from the UK and present to you a shocking analysis of 'vaccine efficiency' in Scotland.


Just as the government bombards you with new infections, deaths and hospitalizations due to the alleged virus, we must show the other side. Because you do not get that information through the mainstream media or the RIVM.

Again with a small explanation: The RIVMs of all 27 EU countries report to EudraVigilance about the side effects (mild and serious) and deaths that are probably attributable to the mRNA and vector syringes.

I had already explained that the Netherlands is a leader in the number of reports and that many other countries report much less, little or hardly anything. In addition, I recently discovered that at Lareb 95 to 97% of the reports (which form the basis for the RIVM report to EudraVigilance) come from the victims and/or their loved ones themselves. Doctors, GGDs, hospitals and other medics therefore do not or hardly report if there are casualties as a result of the injections. I dare to conclude from this that the reports to Lareb, despite the fact that these are the highest numbers of all EU countries, are also only a (perhaps small) part of the actual damage.

But hey, those are thoughts and considerations. We will have to make do with the hard numbers and they are actually shocking enough. No medical experiment would be continued if this is already the short-term collateral damage.


Nearly 22 thousand dead! More than 2 million side effects, of which half, so more than 1 million serious!!

hugo de Jonge is not interested in these kinds of statistics or in research. Nor is he interested in the personal suffering that occurs in many victims and their relatives, hence his refusal to enter into a dialogue with the Out-of-Parliamentary Inquiry Commission.

Nearly 2020 deaths and nearly 1.500 cases of serious health damage were reported in the BPOC1.500.

Up to and including 17 August, 509 deaths from the 'vaccines' were reported at Lareb.

As director of Lareb, agnes Kant (nor wal) is actually responsible for the correct and complete collection and analysis of this data, but yes, she follows hugo's instructions.

The BPOC2020 has invited agnes for a statement and explanation in the committee:



In America we have VAERS as the institute where reports of health damage and deaths are registered. It is assumed that approximately 10% of the damage cases are actually reported. Official Harvard research showed that even only 1% is reported, but this research dates from 2010 and I assume that the willingness to report is a lot higher with the more or less forced gene injections.

But these are the latest official numbers:



  • 12,791 deaths
  • 16,044 permanently disabled
  • 70,667 emergency room visits
  • 51,242 hospital admissions
  • 13,139 life-threatening health damage

Again, you can rest assured that this is an underreporting. Most reports come from the victims and their relatives themselves. The medics, also in Europe, do not want to deal with this hassle.

But based on the official figures, we have to base ourselves on that for the time being,

more than twice as many people have died from the covid poison syringes this year than from all other vaccines between

1991 and end of 2020!!!!


Oh, by the way, I also found a separate report on unborn fruits:



The 'vaccines' are highly recommended for pregnant women, ladies and gentlemen. Also another 1.270 miscarriages and stillbirths as a result of the 'vaccines'………


Then the United Kingdom:

I do not have a detailed analysis of this, but it also seems to me to be a significant underreporting, given the population numbers and vaccination coverage.

Daily Expose has analyzed the numbers and tables provided by the health authorities in Scotland. By cleverly sliding and manipulating numbers and data, they try to hide the harsh reality. At first glance, the tables from Public Health Scotland show that deaths from covid-19 mainly happen to the unvaccinated.

Have a look: (note, this is not about vaccine damage but about deaths from covid-19, broken down into 1 or 2 dose vaccinated and unvaccinated)


At first glance, it seems clear that the unvaccinated are vastly overrepresented and much more at risk of dying. But here too the firm has been at work with trickery and deceit. The start date has been set on December 29, when (almost) no one was vaccinated yet. Vaccination coverage was also low in January, February and March. And virtually everyone who died during that period, the peak period due to the winter season, is now being thrown into the hope of the unvaccinated. Fully vaccinated people have only recently become available, so it is logical that that number is lower. Daily Expose has made a thorough study of it and compared these figures with those of a week before.

The conclusion from this analysis is: Hold on tight!!:

72% of covid-19 deaths concern vaccinees. 

Vaccinated people are 5,5 times more likely to die than unvaccinated.


How long can they keep up with all these lies you and I wonder?

Perhaps for a very long time, because the mainstream media ignore (probably on assignment) all these kinds of statistics and analyses.

But the truth will come out one day!!

Take a good look at this picture:

There were no deaths in Scotland in the summer of 2020. And what do we see happening in the summer of 2021……

They will come up with a new variant to be held responsible for this.

I have already concluded it to you many times:

We do not yet know what this compulsion to spray is intended for, but it is certain that it has nothing to do with your and my health.


Spread the freedom!

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