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The vaccine dashboard

I'll just keep publishing it. Just as the government bombards you with new infections, deaths and hospitalizations due to the alleged virus, we must show the other side. Because you do not get that information through the mainstream media or the RIVM.

Again with a small explanation: The RIVMs of all 27 EU countries report to EudraVigilance about the side effects (mild and serious) and deaths that are probably attributable to the mRNA and vector syringes.

I had already explained that the Netherlands is a leader in the number of reports and that many other countries report much less, little or hardly anything. In addition, I recently discovered that at Lareb 95 to 97% of the reports (which form the basis for the RIVM report) come from the victims and/or their loved ones themselves. Doctors, GGDs, hospitals and other medics therefore do not or hardly report if there are victims as a result of the injections. I dare to conclude from this that the reports to Lareb, despite the fact that these are the highest numbers of all EU countries, are also only a (perhaps small) part of the actual damage.

But hey, those are thoughts and considerations. We will have to make do with the hard numbers and they are actually shocking enough. No medical experiment would be continued if this is already the short-term collateral damage.


In the US there is quite a bit of tampering with the numbers and downward revisions by VAERS. There too, most reports are made by the victims and/or their loved ones themselves. Previous research has shown that, on average, only 1% of actual drug or vaccine problems are reported. Most people are not even aware of bodies like VAERS and EudraVigilance or even Lareb. That research involved all medicines and vaccines, even before the corona time. I assume that the reports after the more or less mandatory poison injections are a lot higher than 1%. But you can assume with certainty that the American official figures also contain considerable underreporting.

11,940 DEAD

618,648 Injuries and

1,175 Unborn Babies DEAD Following COVID-19 Shots


(that the total number exceeds the number of 'cases' and also the total percentage exceeds 100%, the reason is that some patients are included in 2 or more categories)

For both overviews, approximately half of the reports concern 'serious' side effects (including deaths).



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