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The worst is yet to come……

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The ifr of covid-19 for people under 70 is 0,05%. That means that 0,05% of people who get the disease die from it.

This number is much lower for the 'vaccines'. So the vaccines are safe and less risky than Covid-19, it is claimed.

To start with, I suspect that in Europe no more than 20% of side effects and deaths are correctly reported. Some countries (the Netherlands lead the way) report far more cases of side effects and deaths than others (Poland, for example, 40 times less). Side effects and deaths also hardly occur in Belgium, while Belgium was the European leader in the registration of corona deaths. According to the official instructions, there was no need to do any research. If there could be a suspicion of covid-19, that was already enough to register a traffic victim as a corona death.

So the ifr of covid-19 could in reality be a lot lower. And I dare to say that with firm certainty. After all, I experienced this myself when my father passed away. (The case is still under consideration by the Public Prosecution Service and the Healthcare Disputes Committee. I will keep you informed if there are new developments)

With the 'vaccines' my estimate is that the number of deaths caused is 0,03%. And that is significantly lower than the ifr of 0,05%. But yes, the ifr is about people who were sick. And this 0,03% is for EVERYONE who has had this poison mixture injected. Seems quite a difference to me.

There is a lot of lying about the effectiveness of the miracle syringes, about the deaths and about the (serious) side effects. You cannot know the truth. But more and more the effectiveness of the syringes appears to be about zero or even negative. The percentage of 'infections' and hospital admissions among the vaccinated is at least the same in most countries and sometimes even higher than among the percentage of 'unvaccinated' in the population.


In other words, with the syringe, more risk of covid-19 and, as a bonus, risk of (serious) side effects and death. How much more evidence do you want. These syringes only do harm!


See here the results of the acclaimed model country Israel:


At VAERS, the database was recently updated with a slew of new death reports, bringing the official US figures a little closer to those of the EU countries. Initially there was an adjustment of a few thousand deaths, but that was adjusted a little later and in less than a week the number of reported deaths had doubled since December last year, the start of the genocide injection campaign. That attracted quite a bit of attention. We also reported about this on CSTV.

They didn't like the attention to these numbers, so they quietly removed this adjustment of the deaths. Vaccine-related deaths in the past week initially went from about 6.000 to about 9.000, then to 12.000 and finally back to 6.000. Nothing to worry about folks, just keep walking!

In the US (332 million inhabitants) there are now more than 3X fewer deaths than in the countries of the European Union (453 million inhabitants). Vaccination coverage is slightly above 50% in both the US and the EU.

The EU countries have about a quarter more inhabitants, so that the death rates in the EU are higher than in the US is statistically logical. But if the reported deaths in the EU are more than 3 times as high as in the US, then statistically speaking, it doesn't make sense anymore.



The regimes' propaganda machines have been running at full capacity in recent months. Posters, billboards, radio and TV spots and programs, door-to-door propaganda, influencers and celebrities who come to tell their story. Everything, absolutely everything, has been taken out of the closet. Up to and including strict censorship of all scientists and researchers who expressed doubts or wanted to demonstrate the harmfulness of the vaccines proven and demonstrably.

But the carrot on the stick no longer moves the donkeys. More and more people are beginning to see that everything, absolutely everything, is just based on lies. The propaganda machine stalls.

The percentage of followers is slightly above 50%. They tried to get the youngsters to take poison syringes with devious tricks, but they quickly fell through the cracks.

A new strategy is to blame the unsprayed people for the new variants. 'The unsprayed people are a danger to the 'vaccinated'.

How much brighter, how much dumber you can make it. We are healthy in body and mind. No, the sad reality is different:

You stupid sheep who, with your muzzles on and you squirt in your body, have followed the rat traps, you are to blame for all the misery we are in.


But they try to blame us, the people who have any mind.

So what now? As I have written before, it is unacceptable to them that a large group of people who can think for themselves, will not take that syringe. That will pose major problems for the regimes if the harmful effects of the poison syringes will soon surface in full and if it turns out that the awake people escape this dance.

They don't want that and they can't allow it.

So they are now taking a different approach. The syringe is not required.

But from 1 August you are no longer allowed to enter the cinema and the discotheque. From 1 September you are no longer allowed to enter the shopping center. From 1 October you are no longer allowed to enter a cafe or restaurant. From 1 November you are no longer allowed to enter any shop or public building. From 1 December you are no longer allowed to enter the city and from 1 January you are no longer allowed to leave your home if you have not been vaccinated.

This is not fiction ladies and gentlemen, it is already happening in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Australia and England. And other countries to follow.

Demonstrations take place. In some countries even on a large scale.

Cor reported on this today:


Would it help anything? I think, given our experience so far, that's a rhetorical question. None of our resistance, whether it was behind the computer or physically on the street, has moved these terrorists even an inch from their path.

But you know what's so striking? The police don't give a shit anymore during most of the demonstrations. The police escort the demonstrators, but otherwise (except for fighting rioters) take it easy. France is the exception to this.

I've been thinking about that. How is that possible, why so suddenly that 180 degree turn?

It's like this:

That too is part of a carefully prepared plan. Now that the propaganda machine has been worked out, comes the soft push strategy which gradually, step by step, month by month, moves into the hard push strategy, as outlined above. A group of people will give in. Then the syringe, otherwise I can no longer do this or that.

During that process, at some point a group of people who do not give in, who have hitherto sought dialogue and reason, will have their fill. It will start with riots in restaurants and at the front door of the supermarket. The peaceful nature of the demonstrations will turn, the frustrations, powerlessness and anger will be the source of fierce resistance, not from bad people, but people fighting for their lives.

France is currently leading the way with the vaccine dictatorship. It will come into effect from August 1. People are already getting very angry there and the government is already taking a foretaste of beating up good citizens again. As an example for the rest of the regimes.


But soon the genocide squirt obligations are everywhere. The people will get angry and start using other methods to express their displeasure. And that's the moment the jokers of this world are prepared and waiting for.

“Hold your horses”, is now the strategy. Until the remaining unsprayed people blow the plugs and the popular anger really erupts. Then the green signal is given and they legitimize themselves to completely bully us, lock us up and even kill us. The masses who are informed by the nos, eva jinek and now will applaud it. After all, it is those dangerous unsprayed that they smash into each other and/or kill.



And they don't realize that they will soon be victims themselves.



For those who master the English language, I recommend this video of someone who is angry, doesn't mince words, but puts the finger on the sore spots:


And about the explanations why the hospitals are full of vaccinated, Danny wrote this article:


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