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De Jonge: Never go to football without a vaccine again


We see Mark Rutte sinking deeper and deeper. His body language. Nerve pulls. To look down. How deep that man is. 

But Hugo de Jonge, still at the beginning of his career in the job carousel of European Politics, finds it exciting. to oppress the Dutch people with bizarre measures and living conditions. He has found his role.

His predecessor was not very good at lying and mysteriously disappeared from the scene. He seemed unable to keep up with his own story.

The young politician is not bothered by this and can, on behalf of the WHO, fully control the country. How? That does not matter. As long as he waits a vaccine from the WHO.

Only 42 years old and ready to become a true race politician. He made the choice. I can do that. I am the kind of person who tells a lie with a smile and can keep that lie for a long time. Mark Rutte also succeeded.

A race politician who does not care about the health of the people but especially about his status important for his future career. How can we put it that way? Because you simply don't treat your citizens like that. 

You put police officers and BOAs in a position that they have more power than they can handle. We see the results. This brings out the worst in humans.

You are not going to curtail freedoms when you care about your citizens. And certainly not with coercion. You are going to look at Sweden. You will look at other countries that have not undergone a lockdown. You will discuss that.

You will see the big picture and you will see that only 5.000 men have died. A normal state of affairs. Only 10% died directly from the consequences of corona. That's only 500. And all around the age of 80 with a few exceptions. They are their own numbers. And even those are still suspicious.

You stop using coercive measures and you start thinking and reasoning logically. You know that keeping the fines at bay is completely pointless because they are violated every day. It goes against the nature of man. You know you're doing massive damage every day that you continue with this lockdown.

You are going to tell the people that the lockdown is over and that we are careful with each other and especially the elderly. In this way you enforce respect from the citizens.

But unfortunately. Good people who tell the truth are the enemy of the state. You are put away as a conspiracy thinker. You will be censored. You will be silenced.

Hugo de Jonge has one task. Waiting for the vaccine. A billion-dollar business but beyond that a struggle for absolute power over humanity.

"We will NOT go to major events until there is a vaccine." So he actually says: "That vaccine that will be mandatory."

Come on the Netherlands! We, the people, can do it! Take care of this gang. Get up, look around you and don't be commanded. Your freedom is your greatest asset. Nobody can get there.

See this short Dutch video:

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