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There is life after and before death

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On the sixth day of the newest spiritual radio station in the Netherlands, Radio Gletsjer, spiritual therapist and energy worker Joke Nauta is a guest. In her practice De Libbensbeam (Frisian for 'The Tree of Life') she receives many parents with children, lovers with relationship problems, people who want to get out of the 'rat race', and people who find it difficult to cope with death.

Many spiritual themes are discussed in the broadcast of Radio Gletsjer. Feeling (and working with) energy, spiritually gifted children, communicating with the deceased, our soul that has something to do here on earth, that we should celebrate life instead of staying in our fear of death, the arrival of the new world and much more.

There is life before life (of which we can still carry remnants of it), there is life after this life (because death is no final station), but above all do not forget to leven! You can long for a carefree existence after you have left the earth, but according to Nauta it is important to live in the now. Do not long for heaven; bring heaven to earth.


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