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They are crazy, says the layman

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Some thoughts from a layman with common sense.

"Has the EU allowed itself to be played by the pharmaceutical companies?" headlines the NRC. Why that question mark? And 'cheating' could have been filled in for 'playing'. And then cheating is also an understatement.

Fighting a rampaged pandemic hysteria with virtual atomic bombs is what governments around the world are carrying out following false tests and non-scientific gibberish.

If you, as layman sources, can believe that more than 98% of the people covid-19 (as well as in previous years the flu) simply survive without extreme symptoms, the focus should be on those 2% who are at risk. Most of that 2% is very old or has underlying ailments. Where and when in the past 10 years have we been able to catch Rutte & co on preventive care and correct care measures? Do 1000 IC beds need to be cleared, hospitals go bankrupt and many healthcare workers are fired to long-term policy for a good healthcare system? Is the VAT increase of healthy food to 9% instead of VAT-free also part of this?

Why should that 98% of the population suffer from 2% risk cases and be injected with mRNAs that demonstrably modify the DNA, say manipulate, say irreversible changes? Millions of unproven and barely tested vaccines have been ordered blindly, and many naïve are eager to have fake safety injected. Yes, false safety, because after the first injection a covid injection must be permanently (several times a year?), Partly because they work poorly, partly because the virus continues to mutate, just like the flu. AstraZeneca, the leader of the fraud sector, can guarantee around 10% protection for the elderly. Protection against what?

For nearly a year, infected patients with underlying ailments, as well as people over 80, die from covid-19. But any deaths that die right after vaccination do so because they are old or have underlying misery. It depends on how it suits the pharma mafia best. In addition, and noteworthy, vaccinees are still required to wear a mouth mask, stay at 1,5 meters and adhere to the curfew. Apparently that's how reliable that commercially exploited syringe is.

The fact that more deaths are due to the covid measures than are 'saved', should not be published, according to the people who (can / should) know.

But why is that 2% not used? If, in addition, it is simply accepted that people die (no one turns 130 and 20.000 people die annually from medical failure and incorrect use of medicines, which are not a watchdog), then this severe corona flu is also very easy to curb. Medicines for severe cases prevent IC shortage. Existing medications (HCQ and Ivermectin) have demonstrably shown great results. These two drugs without significant side effects should have been optimized from February 2020, so that society should not have been disrupted. Then all companies could have remained open, children could just go to school and a lot of stress could have been avoided. But no, we needed a hysteria to be collectively injected with harmful substances that do not guarantee health.

And how does this popular deception end? In the worst case, the mob adores Rutte for his displayed politics. He could be rewarded with 40+ seats, the death knell of the very last fragment of democracy.

With my common sense, I only have 2 advice: refuse the poison syringes and vote (if the elections go ahead) as fragmentedly as possible. Avoid voters VVD, CDA and D66. Be cautious with PvdA and GroenLinks. The more small parties, the more impossible a government can be formed. A cabinet based on voter-cheating coalition agreements and minority positions that are elevated to policy. If 8 or more parties are needed for a majority in the House of Representatives (this is already a fact for the senate!), We can finally go for a real democracy, for expertise and for complete transparency, as described in the Alternative State System. Then logical long-term policy can finally be rolled out in Health, Education and all other policy areas; in the interest of the citizens.

Had the AS system been introduced a few years ago, Covid-19 was recognized as a nasty flu (mind you, the flu has a function: it cleanses the body with a fever as an unpleasant consequence and stimulates and strengthens the immune system!) And were the most violent disease cases adequately combated with good medicines.

It's so simple, it can be so much better, especially if common sense is used!

Rients Hofstra


Third World War?

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