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Flaming argument from Thierry Baudet: "It is HIS system!"

The Rutte doctrine

During a debate today in the House of Representatives, Thierry Baudet of the Forum of Democracy was on a roll.

Baudet opened with: “Trust in our judges, or even better in our democratic constitutional state. That's what it's all about today! ”

Thierry exposes very well that Rutte does not care about the Netherlands and the population and is only there to save his own skin and especially never give in to his malpractices.

The wannabe dictator himself looked especially annoyed at his cell phone.

Thierry also rightly mentions the resignation of the corrupt Harbers. Rightly so, because people quickly forget, but that was one of the many VVD “incidents” that showed corruption within the party and the coalition of the highest order. And then the political mock trial against Geert Wilders in which Mark Rutte was very likely also involved. Banana Republic Frats.

And this scammer wants to force a curfew on us? So afraid of his buddies in the EU?

Mark, boy: You get the anger of the whole of the Netherlands on your neck. Resign and Rut on!

Watch and listen to Thierry Baudet's contribution today:

Source: Arnews

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