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Thierry Baudet at Beau: FvD's 5-year anniversary and Gorinchem, the lead shoppers

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Thierry Baudet was a guest at Beau's last Thursday.

For those who have been sensible and have thrown television out of the window years ago, we have uploaded the following two fragments of Thierry Baudet as a guest at Beau.

This is impossible on YouTube.

But we have Bitchute for that! The sound is not optimal, excuse for that.

He was sitting at the table with, among others, the victims of the immigrant top shoppers and Peter R. de Vries.

Earlier this week we already posted a video on Youtube about measuring with 2 measures when it comes to racism. This was removed the day after from YouTube. See here the copy of this video to know what the conversation is about.

Here is Baudet's reaction to the Gorinchem top-shoppers:

Thierry was further interviewed because of the 5 year anniversary of the Forum for Democracy. He talks about the emergence of his FvD and the successes they have achieved.

Of course they wanted to bring Otten up again. Something that Thierry himself has never bought for sale and dealt with in a very mature way. Adult behavior that Peter R. de Vries is strange. We see that again here.

Thierry answers briefly and clearly to Peter's question and he then mentions it "A knife in the back" from Otten.

See the entire excerpt here:

Video not yet available for you? Try again in an hour. We were a little too fast with this article and the video is still being processed.
Or look here:

Thierry Baudet:

"What I am more worried about in society in the longer term is that we receive a lot of reports that this also has an ethnic component. That you have groups of Moroccan and Turkish young people, who stick together around school yards or other places where young people come and who specifically have to do with it than native Dutch people. Of course we also have a lot of people with children in education, and if so, that is of course an extra worrying aspect. "

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See also the deleted video from in which we exposed these fake media and portrayed their own lies. is taking legal action against CommonSenseTV because of this upload:

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