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Thierry Baudet demands rectification but Buitenhof refuses (Update: Buitenhof refuses rectification)

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UPDATE: Buitenhof refuses rectification (source)

Forum for Democracy wants to sue Buitenhof because of the ruling made today on the program.

For a brief overview, watch this video with the statement made in Buitenhof. We don't know the bald man at the table. It seems to be a passer-by in the Senate.

Buitenhof presenter Nathalie Righton said so yesterday in the program Buitenhof:

"Thierry Baudet said in the House of Representatives this week that the EU has a preconceived plan to replace the white European race with African immigrants."

It is a statement Baudet never made.

Baudet calls it astonishing that the NPO does not want to talk about real immigration problems.

“Time and again we are called fascists and nazi. It's so low. The statements made about me today at Buitenhof have consequences for my safety. Because we are falsely accused every time. ” thus the visibly excited Thierry Baudet. And that is very understandable.

Baudet also emphasized this week to Rob Jetten (D66) that FVD stands for equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone.

Thierry Baudet mentioned Jetten's statement that FVD would stand for a 'dominant white Europe' a bizarre characterization.

Baudet says that, among other things, Buitenhof puts words into his mouth that he has never spoken:

"They are shameful lies and blatant falsehoods that must be rectified!"

The Hague and the corrupt media try to put Baudet away as a racist and idiotic conspiracy thinker. But unfortunately. Deliberately bringing immigrants to Europe is really all literally on paper in an EU document for everyone to read online. Thierry Baudet has not sucked a word of it.

See this article about this:

European Union: "Immigration can be a win-win situation"

If you want to read the entire EU document yourself, we have uploaded it here:
Official documents European Union

The House of Representatives' transcript is also crystal clear and Baudet says that it does not want to add anything else.


All in one video:

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