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Thierry Baudet is truncated by Khadija Arib

During the Financial Reflections, Thierry Baudet (FvD) was abruptly cut short by the chairwoman Khadija Arib to the very relevant question from Thierry Baudet to Azarkan. Namely what hundreds of treaties there are not with America. Azarkan has no idea what he is talking about.

This happened after he dismantled the age-old fallacies, this time from Azarkan van Denk, about the EU. "No more trade with other countries possible." and "All the money we earn comes from Brussels." Shameless nonsense to keep that crazy globalist dream alive.

Earlier, Thierry washed the ears of Azarkan over the ridiculous reasoning that immigration is related to it "Isolating the Netherlands."
View the full speech with interruptions here

Azarkan is frustrated and saves Baudet. The reaction of a loser.

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