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Thierry Baudet speaks the hard truth with passion during corona debate

Klaus Schwab can be proud of you!

Take on them, these scammers in the House of Representatives with BLOOD on their hands!

It must be over with this fascist society that is forced upon us for absolutely nothing. The numbers show that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going on and the spectacle around it is misleading propaganda and misinformation.

We as a people must revolt. These criminals MUST GO!

Whatever you think of Baudet and the FvD, they are the only people who bring the truth, spasmodically concealed by all other politicians, to light without being afraid of the corrupt media or of being called conspiracy theorist.

He calls the animals by name and expresses his hope that people will finally WAKE UP!!!

Governments worldwide are seizing the “corona crisis” to get a better grip on the lives of citizens – a predictable development that will not stop on its own.

For this, citizens will have to stop the government. Not in 10 years, but now, while you still can. 

Drive them away! 

Also for their own safety, because people get mad at figures like rutte and hugocaust. They will have to look more and more over their shoulder the further they go because there will come a day when people will really freak out. Because those who see it will never forget this and they understand these gore games exactly.

If one or more criminals there in The Hague read this: We have figured you out. Think carefully about what that means. Or do you really think you can continue with this perilous game with impunity?

Many people have never felt hate before but now they know what hate is. That is a very bad feeling that you would prefer not to give in to but also not get out of it after what you do to us. Be glad that your adversaries are the most peaceful people and nothing has happened yet. But the masses are going to find out what you've done to us.

This is not a threat, this is a warning of the natural reactions of people who realize that they have long been oppressed, humiliated and killed because of this conscious and destructive government policy and the behavior of the media.

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