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Third World War?

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Third World War?

You hear some people talk about a third world war, which of course cannot be compared with the second. Or maybe a little?

War is not fair, war is about corpses, war is prepared by powerful leaders, organized by generals and then carried out by the field troops. Relationships are never equal, some have a stronger power base, the common people are always at a disadvantage.

The leadership of the first group imposes norms, values ​​and undemocratic laws on the impotent majority. Democracy is out of the question, dictatorship is a fact.

When the oppressed resist, they are portrayed in the media as criminals. The media that have been on the side of the rulers for more than a century in connection with the circulation, that is to say, of the authority.

How do we know this? I expect you to spontaneously think of World War II. After all, the Germans were the boss here for 5 years, determined the behavior of the Dutch. People who resisted were arrested, imprisoned, sent to (work) camps, or shot. According to the Germans, they were criminals who did not obey the regulations imposed by the Germans. But the Dutch who did not collaborate with the Germans called them resistance fighters. Food stamps were stolen, offices where identity cards were stored stormed, wrong people were killed and resistance heroes were even freed from prison in Leeuwarden. Criminals or resistance fighters? It just depends on whose side you were on.

The Germans gave scientists many opportunities to conduct research. The precursors of the atomic bomb, the V1 and the V2, were developed and doctors, including Mengele, experimented happily. To people that is. The last curfews date from 1945.

What do you think this very limited list is about? What then indicates a 3e World War? Who is the enemy?

Could it be that an unknown super-elite with generals like Soros, the Rothschilds, the Clintons, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, to name a few, is imposing their will on humanity with modern weapons (Covid-19, HAARP, 5G)? Using lieutenants, majors, rhythm masters and non-commissioned officers such as Rutte, De Jonge, the virologists of the RIVM and the auxiliary troops of the OMT? The modern Mengeles now work for Astra-Zeneca, Moderna and Pfizer, right?
These are bold claims, I hear many think. But aren't these allegations kind of in that suggested direction? Cheap and proven drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin have been banned through law-abiding advocates, while doctors can show good results.

Covid-19 is less dangerous than the authorities pretend to be, but the media is on their side, providing new hysteria munitions day in and day out. Mass indoctrination is a successful strategy to get and keep innocent civilians on their side. The newspaper De Telegraaf and NRC, once collaborating in 40/45, have been joined by the AD and the Volkskrant in the current war reports, while propaganda blasts from the radios and splashes from the screens in the media park.

Behind the 1,5 meters, the masks, the PCR tests, the curfew and the group size restrictions - especially in the open air - there is no scientific substantiation. Virologists and others who also believe they understand it are constantly contradicting each other. They fail to answer critical questions, while the opinions and experiences of scientists and healthcare professionals are professionally kept out of the publicity. Social media, once an exponent of free opinion, censores it without nuance.

After pharmacists unleashed various vaccines that were not proven to work and that were hardly tested for side effects on people within three quarters of a year, an oblique look at the time when the tests of Mengele on humans were initiated by the then rulers (dictators), is really not illogical. The mRNA vaccines are creepy concoctions that can modify, say, manipulate human DNA.

That people, after yet another unsubstantiated measure to reduce the freedoms once acquired, take to the streets and no longer accept it is brave and very laudable.
People who fight for freedom will not do so with masks, nor with stones, not to mention looting. The destruction of a test street - where inadequate tests are conducted, on which criminal policy is unleashed - could, however, be seen as an act of resistance.

The brutal beatings of nonviolent protesters, involving a video of a young woman who was unsuspectingly hit by a water cannon and then mercilessly smashed against a stone wall, resulting in severe head injuries, speaks volumes.

The police were once there to protect civilians, now they are used extremely violently against peaceful civilians. And the army is already sneakily held back.

The fact that all protests are subsequently dismissed as riots and looting says enough about the reporting. Of course there were riots. Shops were looted, but that was done by criminals, hidden in hoodies. Romeos were spotted here and there. It is precisely with regard to these guests that the government has an essential task: to arrest and try rioters and hooligans. Names and faces of the football hooligans have been known for decades, but they have been accompanied with satin gloves for years.

Prohibiting peaceful demonstrations is a democratic crime. Sending frustrated boas, agents, heavily armed riot police and marechaussees to that is nothing less than a declaration of war.

There is something structurally wrong in our society. That is why we desperately need every resistance fighter. Not to riot, but to achieve a real democracy. We absolutely do not want to talk about the current power-hungry people in The Hague.

Spread the freedom!

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