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The drop!! Rutte receives BLM demonstrators at Catshuis

Last Sunday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte showed that Dutch citizens are not true to him.

The people who have suffered, fought, fought, been humiliated, lost everything and still cannot be their grandmother or father and mother. NORMAL citizens.

He had them forcibly chased away.

"Sniffed hooligans!", he dares to say.


But our Prime Minister stabs us with another dagger!

Mark Rutte talks to RACISTS and WHITE HATERS BlackLivesMatter, Antifa. Terrorists. Breakers. Vandals. Iconoclasts.


What is this?? How do we as citizens allow this? How do you explain this, Mark? 

This charlatan has to be pulled out of the tower by his ears. This cannot continue. Completely detached from God.

The NOS reports:

“Prime Minister Rutte will receive demonstrators at the Catshuis tomorrow against racism and others who contribute to the social debate about this. He wants to talk about how the conversation about racism in society can be conducted in a good way and what is needed for this. ”

“The meeting was prompted by the Black Lives Matter demonstrations of the past weeks. Also in the Netherlands thousands of people came here. ”

“Earlier this month, the Prime Minister received young people in the official residence in The Hague. He asked them about their ideas for tackling the corona crisis. ”

The well of society and Mark Rutte goes into it.

BlackLivesMatter has only one goal! Destroy, everyone who does not share their opinion is excluded or treated with violence and our Mark Rutte will talk to these people in the Catshuis.

It is a humiliation for all Dutch citizens. 

On The Malieveld.

A bus was held hostage for seven hours. A bus with family with children. Nonviolent. They hadn't done anything yet and the police were arrested with a force majeure all over the bus.

These people were stuck from 16:45 PM to midnight. And all a fine because of “a meter and a half away”. So this is what happens when that law passes. Your freedom is gone forever.

Mandatory DNA was taken. So-called because of the fight against Corona.

An attempted murder by driving into the crowd with a police van.

A water cannon. No reason. To old ladies and other innocent bystanders.

Triggering riots by the police. Males with ears are used to sew things up so that the ME can go wild:


Mark Rutte will speak to this organization, the extreme left-wing BLM, and talk about the “common racism problem”.

What is BlackLivesMatter? You can see it here!



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