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Update: This is Maarten: “an ICU nurse in Utrecht…”

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Will the real Maarten please stand up!

Update 14-10-2021

Last night I posted a promotional video of one Maarten, who works at the UMC Utrecht and I placed a radio fragment of Maarten, who works at the IC of the UMC Utrecht, who dialed in to the radio program Gaan on Radio 1.

There was some doubt whether the nurse Maarten from the video of the UMC and the nurse Maarten who called Radio 1 is the same person.

UMC Utrecht, through the press officer, has contacted CommonSenseTV. The press officer announces that Maarten's voice in the radio fragment is not that of Maarten from the (staff recruitment) promotional video.

I did some more research to verify this. Among other things, I contacted the UMC, but they were unable to help me as yet.

The press officer accuses CommonSenseTV of putting words in Maarten's mouth (whichever Maarten is). She also claims that the statements of Maarten (whichever Maarten) "are made up, not based on truth and therefore misleading".

In view of the fact that the press officer apparently does not (also) know which Maarten it is, she can of course never say this. We have not put words in anyone's mouth, we have published a radio fragment in which these statements were made. We can only judge whether they are true or not if we have been able to find out the identity of the Maarten of the radio fragment and ask Maarten himself.

In any case, the most important thing about the publication on CSTV is the reaction of the Radio 1 reporter.

If the Maarten from the promotional video is not the same as from the radio fragment, we apologize for the suggestion that has been made.

The response of the UMC:


On your website CommonSenseTV there is an excerpt dated October 14, 2021, in which you suggest that an interview has taken place with an employee of UMC Utrecht (Maarten *********). You show a video that was previously recorded with him, in the context of recruiting new staff. You then suggest that he is giving a radio interview, in which statements are made up, not based on truth and thus misleading. The voice you use in the radio interview is not his and the fact that you are suggesting that this is Maarten's identity theft. Words are put in his mouth. This is fraudulent and can be regarded as criminal behaviour.


Please watch and listen to these 2 videos.

I don't need to comment much on this.

The response of the state broadcaster does not speak volumes, but fills an entire library.

This is Maarten in the UMC personnel recruitment promotional film:




This is the Maarten who called Radio 1 yesterday morning

And the state broadcaster's radio program responded as follows:



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