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The 1,5 meter madness of today !!!

Read this ... what is allowed what is not allowed ????

You go to the hairdresser and your hairdresser is called Bjørn. Bjørn sits on your hair for two hours messis against you.

You laugh and talk and neither Bjørn nor you wear one face mask or gloves.

Bjørn massages wash your scalp and blow-dry it nice in model. Very happy you go to Outside.

Then you sit on a terrace with Linda a little later. Linda and you slats.

Fortunately, you can just - with two people at most - close together to sit. Then Bjørn suddenly approaches.

You know each other well so you want him a drink offer. However, Bjørn must be left 1,5 meters away suddenly, otherwise big fat fine if one BOA would walk by.

Linda gets up and then goes in advance but go home.

Now Bjørn can sit next to you and to you again her to sit.

Je child is coming and she is also a customer of Bjørn. Now you have to dochters however on 1,5 meter sit away, otherwise a fine if the BOA is still hanging around the terraces.

Only when Bjørn again get out, may your child next you sit down.

You ask the ministry to take a picture of you semen to do with your phone. Which mag unfortunately not, the waiter is not allowed to use your phone to touch, he says, holding your glass hands over.

You take a sip and nod.

Then you decide to go to the movies. There is Bjørn. You pop next him, but you can CANNOT.

You see a movie trailer in the cinema hall and Bjørn turns and shouts through the hall: shall we there semen go there? !!

The next evening you ordered tickets together and watch out, Bjørn and you are suddenly allowed next each other to sit. But Linda is there too! He wanted the movie last minute toch ook see it. She wants to sit next to you on the other side.

That's not allowed.

She may sleep next to you, but because you are already with Bjørn, do not sit next to you.

Bjørn wants to go home afterwards, but his bicycle is stolen. You conclude it with je auto to go home Moon. Linda wil ook ride along. That is going to be a problem.

You are none household, So in fact he may not even be in your car and neither can Linda. You consider whether you will throw them in the trunk, but decide to transport.

Bjørn can namely the bus do not take, because has no mask with him.

You drive into an old lady. Nellie falls and you stop (of course). Bjørn jumps out of the car but then you realize that Nellie CANNOT to your household hears. uh. This just opens up a whole new can of worms!

Well, luckily she gets up herself. You say goodbye to Nellie. The next day Nellie is at Bjørn (Barber remember) for a water wave on the chair.

And Linda and you then book a trip to Italy. You will encounter Bjørn on the train to Schiphol. But sit together can not. Happy you are on the same plane. Just side by side!

And so I can go on about the madness of the 1,5 meter rules.

It looks like a joke ...

This is such a really bad movie that we are in.

We DUTCH people need one here end to create.

Just think with you healthy mind!

Get up everyone !!!




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