This is because of your naive idealism!

 On October 17 Thierry Baudet gave a speech to the Lower House in which I fully recognized myself, just like Geert Wilders and Theo Hiddema they try to break open politics.

We are actually seeing here how realism has placed its foot in the door with the globalists, they are no longer able to close the door PVV and FvD, this cabinet and opposition have been hit hard, they no longer have any answers, they have become passive because they have to take turns one after the other.

That is bizarre Sven Koopmans from the VVD still trying to ask if Thierry Baudet knows how many victims Bashar Assad has yet to turn the tide, by marking Assad as the main responsible, for many hundreds of thousands of victims, Baudet's response and explanation are phenomenal, especially the financial and material support from the west to rebels who want to destabilize the country, becomes very clear In the picture, our EU influence on conflicts in it Middle East and Ukraine is placed in a completely different context.

But our VVD member still has a poisonous arrow on his Indian bow, he talks about the use of chemical weapons, where of course Assad was also designated as the main responsible, but here too Baudet countered this hint, because whether someone is killed by chemical weapons or by conventional weapons, what is the difference? , it is both equally bad, in both cases there are deaths to be regretted and it has never been proven that Assad actually used these weapons.

It is very striking how clear, how clear these two opposition parties FvD and PVV are working together against the established order and with strong arguments, who is breaking through the sometimes childishly naive dream world of the established order, when I then hear Mr. Sjoerd Sjoerdsma from D'66, the idea is aroused that there is a schoolteacher from primary school, class four, who for a moment thinks the naughty Thierry to wash his ears, but then Baudet puts this opportunist back on the ground for a moment, by indicating that what he proposes has long been discussed in the Lower House, that the EU negotiations with Turkey should really be canceled. and the participation in NATO also to be questioned.

Then goes Sjoerdsma of course still regarding this <br><br>Donald Trump and thereby shows what a nauseous man he really is, because the president of the US has already raised this withdrawal in the summer months of this year, but of course this false fingerprint is also fully parried and receives additional addition by Thierry Baudet.

What seemed very annoying was the behavior of the gentlemen van Ojik and Klaver van Groen Links, who started laughing at such a debate, it kind of shows how seriously they take this!

What Thierry Baudet did in this debate was to show that our politics must very clearly adopt a very different attitude towards the Middle East, across the EU and certainly opposite Turkey, a conversation with Bashar Assad does not seem like a job for the bumblebee at BZa Stef Blok VVD, but what Baudet said about this, seems to me to be more useful than sanctions.

It is actually absurd, we have a cabinet here, consisting of four parties, then we have nine opposition parties, of which only two of them are actually opposing.

This actually indicates something, the majority of the parties in the House of Representatives think it is all very well, they are no longer there for you and me, they are there for Brussels, they earn their money very easily and they are not very concerned about the fate of the farmers, the construction workers, the Kurds or anyone else, sometimes they let something be heard, but it has to be convenient for them.

We are separate from all problems with Turkey on the eve of a new crisis that will hit us hard, but we do not hear a word about this yet.

Prime Minister Rutte has still not brought up the bottom stone concerning Ukraine, he will not succeed either, because when you already have the Russian Federation if you identify potential perpetrators and include the country from which the Buk rocket was shot during a civil war there, then you might as well not be able to carry out any investigation, because then you place a huge block of concrete above the evidence, you still have already an alleged perpetrator in sight, an alleged perpetrator that makes the EU very happy!

The EU has with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama played very dirty games and this was slavishly followed by the Balkenende and Rutte cabinets, it almost brought us to a world war and all because we were so boundlessly naive to be dragged into it by globalists, a world without borders, the EU and the US two hands on one stomach below Barack Obama, but Donald Trump and the Brexit throw a spanner in the works, Trump is not going to start burning, as was the case with his predecessor, Trump is going for America First!

That President Donald Trump is not allowed in the EU and with the Democrats is clear, the Brexit and Trump can sometimes mean the end of the EU, I am honest, I am a nationalist and I see globalism as an outright disaster for Europe, which I hope is that the Netherlands will blow a different wind , for example, I hear the SP far too little, which also claims to be an EU skeptical party, it Wilders process must be prosecuted and Mark Rutte and Ivo Opstelten for unlawful practices leading to a political process!

Chris Collard.

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