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This is France! No vaccine? No groceries

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It's hard to imagine how deep people like the police in France have been able to sink and fail here.

This is France. You are not allowed to enter the supermarket if you do not have a vaccination passport. Whether you're hungry or starving, these supermarkets say. That's where they want to go. Every person should really light a light now.

How this scum of the police and the people of the supermarket come home at night and greet their family will be a mystery. These people turned into zombies in less than 600 days.

As bad as this is, it will only backfire. It is becoming increasingly clear to people that this syringe is not a vaccine.

Here you can see that French supermarkets have hired bouncers to stop people who are not vaccinated.

There are no words to describe this. 

The Netherlands is a small country. We can still give the example. We must never allow this to happen in our country. Stand up!

Also vaccinated people. Stop it and get up! They will never leave you alone.

We already know which “viruses” are coming. The new variants are already ready. The new vaccinations are already ready. You destroy yourself. STOP NOW! Folks, this is one big scam and it was never about our health.

Moderna has raised USD 2021 billion in 5.9 alone from the sale of so-called vaccines that have nothing to do with fighting a virus but are used for completely different purposes.


Listen again carefully to what is being said in this video. This is Dr. David Martin.

dr. David Martin has been active within his company for more than 2 decades, monitoring patents on viruses and vaccines, among other things, and is also responsible for monitoring abuses and possible violations of (bio-weapons) laws.

The video is subtitled for you.


Scientists stand up and speak out. No TV virologists or Instagram horny chatterboxes. Real scientists. They help us, we help them. That's how we get out.



Spread the freedom!

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