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The Blue Tiger

Election drama

Many people are very disappointed in the election results while it all long overdue.

This system needs to be tackled and that is not going to work from the inside out.

More important people and authorities come out. A Nuremberg II tribunal is really prepared and it Criminal Court in The Hague has accepted a complaint for crimes against humanity by Pfizer and the Israeli government.

Of course it would have been fantastic in terms of signal if we had seen the FvD achieve a resounding victory. What is the use of 20 seats in the room of an FvD? Play politics again? And which 20 people do we have there? Politics is a joke that must be demolished from the outside. Isn't it better that it is so thick on top? I am afraid that these elections will never be trusted and that bad news will come out.

Unfortunately, only when we can prove something can we really say something, but things will surface in the coming weeks and disturbing videos are already circulating.

The Kaag effect? Just to 24 seats in a week because of her devastating positions? Volt with 4 seats? Who the hell are those 400.000 Dutch people who voted for Volt?

The NOS that holds a true D66 orgy. It should also be about “women in power”. And gay and women's rights. What does it matter to us whether someone is a man or a woman. As long as they do their job well. We don't care if someone is a man or a woman. As long as they do their job well at the top or just live their own lives normally as they wish. If there is injustice then you really have the Netherlands behind you. Whatever you are or whatever color you are.

It is laughable and childish what you are watching on the public broadcaster. You cannot believe that people are looking at this seriously and cannot see through it. We don't care if someone is a man or a woman. As long as they do their job well

The elections were a circus and what should we do with 20 FvD members in a House of Representatives?

No. There must be a national movement and I have adjusted my opinion about the FvD and especially about Thierry Baudet and Wybren van Haga. That break in the party was a blessing. They have convinced me that they have absolutely nothing to do with politics as we know it today and have unleashed an energy throughout the country. Nobody can argue with that. I believe in their integrity. And more people are coming. More and more and more ...

The freedom caravan was moving and they gave a lot of people an enormous amount of energy to many people who needed it badly. Let's hope these guys really go ahead and connect with the rest. Political ideals aside for a moment. We know who is fighting for freedom and who is not. That has no political color.

We have to close ourselves off from their bizarre world and let those people who do not want to see it and not pay any attention to it. Then it dies out quickly and it is contagious. This is going to be big.

We already see it happening in the US. The mouth masks in the sober states go off. People are taking a tremendous amount of initiatives and Biden can do nothing more than call them “Neanderthals”. That genie is out of the bottle. The US is different, but this will affect the Netherlands and neighboring countries.

Exit polls… Do they think that we are unable to think 1 level further to understand that exit polls are an impossible thing and that make the rules of the game unnecessarily more difficult and then adjust them during the voting process raises quite a few questions? This does not happen “just like that” during the core process of a democracy, the elections where EVERY citizen must be 100% sure that his or her vote is correctly counted. That can be done transparently. They don't want that. Then it is no good.

But Kaag does think that we are retarded and even literally states during the debate that citizens should not get involved in anything because they are assholes. She will experience that sometime. 24 invisible seats. Like a virus ...

LIVE people! We are not placed here on this planet to sit in fear and be oppressed until we die.

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