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Thoughts of a sheepdog.

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Thoughts of a sheepdog. /

My name is Rommel, I am a firm sheepdog of a very respectable age. My father was a Friesian Stabyhoun and my mother a German Shepherd dog. As a puppy I grew up in beautiful Friesland, but as a young male I ended up in my current living environment. Although I really like it here and appreciate the woods, my roommate and I miss the water. Even on sunny days like this, we feel homesick for the water. Now I can't complain as an old boss and I'm quite comfortable here in the backyard, but still. Previously, my roommate and I would have walked towards the station and we would have taken the first train to Friesland to stay there for a while. Or if there was less time, my roommate sometimes took me to the beautiful Sonsbeek park in Arnhem. There I was always allowed to bathe in the waterfalls and in the streams. There I also played a lot with other dogs and the local residents of the park and could then laze for hours in the grass while my roommate lay next to me "musing" as she always calls it. I loved that, but we haven't gone anywhere since the last two summers. My roommate says she can't travel on the big train anymore because she no longer wants to invest a penny in a company that limits her freedom and undermines her health. Now I'm just a simple dog and don't quite understand what she means but I think she means those weird paper or cloth patches that people wear these days. In my opinion I think people are just strange creatures, with very strange fashion ideas. Also, I think those weird wipes are the same as my belt and to tell you the truth, I hate that thing too! Fortunately I never had to wear it in the past, only today I sometimes do because I no longer hear and see so well and so I don't know what my roommate calls or signals to me in busy traffic.

Well that said, don't think I'm a disgruntled dog. No, on the contrary, I think it's enough with my very old age, but I think it's so sad for my environment. So I see how my roommate has already tried everything to get me to the water, even such a scary cart! You know, one of those carts that goes behind a bicycle thing. Scary! Not seen me. Despite the fact that I think it's okay, the frustration with my roommate is very great. She is also quite angry and I think that's a shame, but I understand. Last week I didn't feel so well I had eaten something wrong but hadn't told my roommate about this and since she's also my boss, she was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with the food that was meant for me. This wasn't the case either, but I had clandestinely grabbed something that wasn't meant for me, so. Anyway, my roommate was quite panicked because she was afraid that she would have to take me to that terrible vet just like last year! The vet, who I think is a very scary person, lives about a twenty minute walk from here. I used to do that easily, but nowadays it's just a bit too far for me. My roommate knows that and got stressed because last year's memory and experience was so awful. Then I was really sick and I kept falling over so that I had to be carried. Now I weigh about 27 kg and that is about half the total weight of my housemate so you understand that she could only carry me short pieces and not for twenty minutes. Then she called all the vets to see if they could come to their homes, but no one was willing except for the practices that were too busy to come. Then she called the animal ambulance, well they were willing to come for € 80,-. My roommate didn't mind and was willing to pay for it, although I thought it was a lot of coins that could also be turned into bones. Imagine a mountain of bones! But the animal ambulance was an option, she did say that the ride was only meant for me. And then I started to bother because I definitely didn't want to go with those weird guys with their weird patches over their mouths in that weird scary bus without my roommate! They would have taken me to the shelter for the same money! You never know and if I had to report it to the police station for "dog napping" I wouldn't have been able to identify them because of those weird patches. My roommate asked what on earth that meant and how exactly they envisioned it? The answer was that my roommate would have to drive after them with the car because this was simply the corona policy. Firstly, my roommate snapped at them, if I drove a car I wouldn't need you and secondly, I don't leave my old frightened sick dog (me) alone. That was the end of it, luckily, because I didn't like it and then because of such a weird corona virus? I don't get it, my passport says that I got shots for corona years ago. But those crazy people are all hysterical and pretend it's a new thing? I don't understand that, and I don't understand why those silly people would stand in line to get shots?!? Didn't see me. But to finish my story, I eventually went to that scary vet because my roommate finally managed to arrange a private driver. Luxury though! Fortunately, I am now as fit as a daisy and that my roommate does not have the same worries as last year.

So I lie in the garden lazing and thinking a bit. Did you know that I recently got some new garden mates? A lot of winged friends have been living in the garden for a long time, including a couple of Turkish lovebirds in the large Korean spruce. Sparrows in the awning, a wood pigeon, a number of cabbages and blue tits, a blackbird and in winter a robin. And of course Mr. Hedgehog, only he has no feathers but spines and when I want to sniff him he curls up. He's quite a weird guy but my roommate says it's best to leave him alone and that we should keep him as a garden companion because he scares or eats the snails. As you can read, it is already a fairly busy place behind me, but recently a couple of newcomers have moved in. It concerns a total of four magpies, a flock of jackdaws and two larger crows, one of which makes a very sad sound. Every now and then I come across the "pathetic" crow on the field where I always go for a walk. Well, I think all that diversity and inclusivity is fine, don't get me wrong, I'm an extremely diverse dog. But I have to say something, the "newcomers" also called "fellows" are a bit noisy. They scream all day long and their unintelligible chatter and chatter makes me a little nervous. The four magpies are also very rowdy and are often out for a fight. Then I am rudely gagged from my nap again and the feathers fly around you because then they run amok with the crows again. And they steal! My roommate had been deeply troubled before when the big head of the biggest agitator appeared before her attic window and was leisurely "taking stock". And what about those poor Collared Doves! Not long ago they had built a beautiful new nest in the large Korean spruce to incubate their eggs in peace and quiet. But that peace was soon disturbed by the magpies who finally, after provoking many fights with Mr Tortel, plundered the entire nest! The poor doves were confused for days and Mrs. Tortel was all the more confused. Now I have seen all that and can tell you that I do have an opinion about it, however I often hear my roommate shout that you better keep your opinion to yourself because you can easily call the name racist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic and get even more ugly thrown around your ears. Now I'm just a simple old dog and it will all take my time, but I had imagined a little more rest in my old age. /

Now it's almost time for my afternoon walk, if you allow me then I'll go and see my housemate to inform her of the time. She must be busy with all kinds of political situations where she is a lot irritated and when I come in she usually becomes happy again, especially if I also wag my tail. It was nice to have a chat with you and if you want to know more thoughts from an old sheepdog I will gladly keep you informed and let you know every now and then how things are with me and my feathered friends . Have a nice day.

Mess the Dog

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