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Three stories about ambulance attack Oslo?


The official story:

Here the Google translation. Good to read:
NRK Report of the attack

NRK is the source here. NRK is the national broadcaster and got the monopoly in 1933. Most foreign press take over.

Dit is wat we van de man weten volgens de officiële berichten.

Het gaat om een man van 32 jaar die in de omgeving van Oslo woont. Hij is betrokken geweest bij auto-achtervolgingen en is veroordeeld geweest voor bedreigingen, geweld en diefstal. Ook heeft de dader een zwaar drugsprobleem en hij zou brandbommen hebben gefabriceerd. Ook is hij veroordeeld op wapenbezit.

In a previous judgment, the judge pronounced the words: "The suspect now appears to be in a phase where he has too little ability to refrain from committing a very serious crime.". He was sentenced to four weeks in prison by the same judge.

De zender NRK zou eerder geïnformeerd zijn door verschillende onafhankelijke bronnen. De man zou banden hebben met de nazi-organisatie: “The Nordic Resistance Movement”, zegt NKR zelf.

The woman was also found and arrested for possession of weapons.

No motive is known yet.

The question remains why the stories are so incoherent and different.



What is true?

In Oslo a man today stole an ambulance and hit the public. The police shot at the ambulance driver and the perpetrator was slightly injured. The perpetrator could be arrested and one is looking for a suspected accomplice. A tinted woman of approximately 1m65.

The police do not release anything about the motive, the origin and whether it is an attack.
SOURCE: Reuters statement in Euronews

This is pretty much the general reporting of the press, Reuters and the authorities so far about this tragic event. But the whole story is pretty bizarre. There are multiple stories around. Whether it concerns multiple attacks is not (yet) clear.

This is one of the perpetrators ..

Photo arrest:

But the spokesman for the seekenhuis says that 2 ambulances were involved and comes with a different story:

“Our ambulance was stolen by a man with a shotgun. A few minutes later, another ambulance of ours was able to stop the stolen ambulance by ramming into him. The police were quickly on the spot and were able to charge the man. ” said the spokesman for the hospital.


The Norwegian site News in English comes with another story and mention the Norwegian channel as source NRK. This is their coverage in broad lines and here too the police would have confirmed the story.

“The ambulance was on its way to an accident where a car turned over. That's where the drama started. ” told the law enforcement.

“The driver of the crashed car was able to work his way out of the car and fled to the ambulance with a large IKEA bag and stole it and then drove into the public on the street. Said a witness.

and also…

"The police confirm this story, but some details are still unclear."

The police were said to have arrived quickly and a large area was immediately deposed. A helicopter flew above the crime scene area.

Just after 13 p.m. the police confirmed that they had the ambulance under control. The police shot at the perpetrator in the ambulance, and he was slightly injured. The perpetrator himself also had a weapon. A witness said he saw the perpetrator shoot.

One person has been arrested so far. The Norwegian NRK says that several people were injured. Shocked witnesses say that the ambulance hit twins in a baby carriage. One of the two was injured and was transferred to the hospital.


What is true?
See if we can become wiser today or tomorrow.

To be continued…




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