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In Germany you will now be put behind bars for three years if you set the flag of the European Union on fire.

Since many flags have deliberately caught fire lately during anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany, Angela Merkel now wants to intervene.

Most flags are made of a special fire-resistant fabric, but with a bit of patriotism and perseverance, most protesters still manage to make the EU flag go up in smoke.

It was already forbidden in Germany to burn the German flag. There is also a penalty for violating flags of friendly nations.

The Israeli flag has also been a cigar during protests in recent weeks, as many demonstrators believe that Zionists and globalists are behind the corona virus and / or lockdown. Again, the German police take tough action.

The Israeli flag was frequently set on fire in Berlin, this was the last straw for Merkel.

Deliberate damage to symbols of countries with 'cordial diplomatic' ties with Germany is not permitted.

Due to holes in the law, the EU flag was not yet covered. But Merkel has now changed that.

Also ridiculing the European National Anthem 'Ode To Joy!' van Beethoven is punishable under German law.

On the public exhibit Nazi memorabilia or flags are also punishable.

"Hatred, anger and aggression are fueled by the burning of flags," said Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht.

'But protests must be PACIFIC! Otherwise, the feelings of certain groups of people will be hurt, 'says Lambrecht.

All parties, except AfD, voted to close the gap in the flag burning law.

Alternative für Deutschland voted against imprisonment for EU flag burning. They consider Merkel's new law to be a violation of freedom of expression and a curtailment of artistic creativity.

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