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The summer (holiday) is almost over. Well, we haven't had much in the summer. Most people 'celebrated' a holiday in their own country because they were too afraid of the terrorist behavior of governments in various countries. So we can say that it all fell into the water a bit.

But what is much worse is that the terrorists of the regime and also the terrorists osterhaus, merchants, gummers, bruls and the like are back.

And they will be heard again soon. Some relaxations have been implemented during the summer months and it has been promised, under marks of course, that all measures will be lifted as of 1 November.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for those who still have some faith in these terrorists. The dictator's law has been quietly extended until the end of the year. It only takes one or two sneezes in the autumn or a few people get a false positive PCR test and the whole thing is locked again and you can take the muzzle out of the cupboard or bin again.

This is part of the psychological terror. By giving you back some of the stolen (fundamental) rights and creating a prospect that things will soon return to normal, you gain hope and confidence. You then think that they are really serious about your and my well-being and health. Nothing could be further from the truth ladies and gentlemen.

That's just part of the strategy.

The official plans for the introduction of a vaccination passport date back to 2018.

The 'road map' they called it



Plans for the introduction of compulsory vaccination have also been hard work for some time.

Both in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Health Council:

When the spraying campaign had barely started, in January 2021, Mark and Hugo commissioned the Health Council to write a report. At the beginning of February they have a advice released with the title Ethical and Legal Considerations for COVID-19 Vaccination. This advice is the response of the Health Council's Ethics and Law Committee to the following 2 questions from the Minister:
1. What categories of policy interventions are there on the continuum of not intervening in the freedom of choice for pressure and coercion and from which assessment framework can these be assessed?
2. What role does the government have in the situation where private parties (such as employers, healthcare institutions, schools or social establishments) start requesting a vaccination certificate as a condition for access to a certain place or facility? How can the government further flesh out this role?


Advice-Ethical-and-legal-considerations-COVID-19 vaccination


In chapter 4 of the recommendation, the committee states that:

  • Under the law, private parties are in principle free to make a vaccination certificate a condition for access to services or facilities, as long as they remain within the limits of the relevant legislation and regulations (in the field of discrimination, equal treatment and privacy ). Private parties must weigh up their interests and be able to demonstrate that the vaccination certificate serves a legitimate purpose, is necessary to achieve that purpose and meets the requirements of subsidiarity and proportionality. In the case of unacceptable violations, the government may be expected to intervene.
  • Private parties include employers, social occasions (such as catering and event organisation), but also healthcare institutions or schools (private parties that perform collective (public) services).
  • A possible argument for using a vaccination certificate by private parties is, for example, the expectation that such a measure will lead to lower absenteeism due to illness, more customers or visitors or a smaller risk of closure due to a lower risk of infection. Another argument for the use of vaccination certificates is the duty of care that private parties have.
  • In many settings, private parties can only consider the use of a vaccination certificate once the government has scaled down the restrictive measures and they are allowed to reopen their services and facilities to the public.
  • Evidence of a recent negative test result could be a less invasive alternative depending on the circumstances.
  • As long as not everyone in the Netherlands has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, the use of vaccination certificates may lead to exclusion for some groups. ….. It must be assessed on a case-by-case basis whether such exclusion is justified or not.
  • Dutch airlines may ask for a vaccination certificate.



This is the 'menu' they made for hugo:

"Have you been able to make a choice yet, sir?"


The Commission therefore believes that the government can choose from a range of measures to encourage participation in the vaccination program against COVID-19, including requiring a vaccination certificate. In addition, according to the Health Council, restaurant owners, event organizers, Dutch airlines, etc. may also ask for a vaccination certificate. if they feel that this will help them bring in more customers.


Belgium has also had a report drawn up:


Small passage:

Mandatory vaccination for everyone: This is a simple and absolute

obligation to vaccinate, such as for the polio vaccine. 11 According to the Belgian Advisory Council

However, the Committee on Bioethics should “from an ethical point of view […] be focused as much as possible on

voluntary vaccination.


How nice of them! Mandatory vaccination is not for everyone.

Mandatory vaccination does not apply to those who have already voluntarily been vaccinated.


Now you may say that the Council of Europe has issued a resolution which strongly restricts such matters.

That's right… But…..

Resolution 2361/2021

The Council of Europe decided on January 27, 2021 that no one should be vaccinated against their will. This is described in detail in this resolution.

resolution 2361


Art. 7.3.1: no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinations.
Art. 7.3.2: no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated.

Based on this, you could therefore conclude that a vaccination certificate or passport is not allowed.


But a resolution means absolutely nothing. That is an advice and there is nothing binding to it. So mark and hugo and alexander don't have to worry about that. So it's all coming.

Like everything in this hoax: It's all meticulously planned in advance.


Incidentally, there are several countries that are already a long way ahead of us with far-reaching terrorist measures.

Canada, Australia and Vietnam for example.

Barricades block a street market during a stay-at-home order in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. Authorities in Vietnam's commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces estimate it may take months to contain the regions worst Covid-19 outbreak, the government reported last week. Photographer: Maika Elan/Bloomberg


But closer to home it also starts to get very annoying for the people who don't want to participate in the poison spray project.

Italy and France for example. There are protests, but that will not impress the regimes. The Belgians and the Dutch are keeping a low profile. They think it will all blow over. A large demonstration was organized in Antwerp last week. Only 2.000 people showed up.


We are losing the battle….

The censorship also takes on grotesque forms and is increasingly turning into sabotage. Our website has been subject to frequent sabotage lately. And sabotage, for example via a dDos attack, is not free ladies and gentlemen! A major attack, such as we recently had a number of, can easily cost 20.000 euros. Who cares about that? Who pays for that?

I'll tell you: The dictators want that and you and I pay for it.

And why?

If the regime tells lies, lies about a virus, lies about a test, lies about medicines, lies about lock-down measures, lies about vaccines, lies about our future, then there can and should be no opposition from the regime.

Whoever tells lies can never demonstrate, prove, that his talk has a monopoly on the truth. Whoever tells the truth can. Therefore, the truth must not come to light. And especially not if that truth is factually substantiated.

On CommonSenseTV we post opinions and opinions, but we also expose a lot of lies. Backed up with facts!

There is solid evidence that the sars-cov-2 virus does not exist.

The fact that the PCR test is not good for a covid diagnosis is hard evidence of that.

The fact that this entire covid-19 hoax was already planned and practiced in advance is hard evidence of that.

The fact that many countries were already purchasing PCR covid-2017 tests in 19 is hard evidence of that.

The fact that there were patents on the covid vaccines long before the corona hoax outbreak is hard evidence of that.

That the 'vaccines' don't work, at least not for what they would have you believe they should work for, is solid evidence.

There is hard evidence that the introduction of passports and compulsory vaccination is planned in advance.


All this is the reason for the censorship and sabotage of medics, scientists and newscasters who do research and are not on the payroll of the regimes. The terrorists cannot prove their stories and their strategies. We can prove their lies. That is why we must be silenced.

I have written before that it is a difficult battle that we are fighting. Not only because of the censorship and sabotage, but also because of the information backlog that we will always have. They have an image, a plan, a strategy. They have worked it out, at least in broad strokes, but more likely down to the smallest detail.

Little by little we find out that things are not right. Here and there we unravel abuses. We discover the lies.

Recently I spoke to someone about the work we do and how difficult and time consuming it is. I explained it like this:

It's a 1.000-piece puzzle that we're putting together. The problem is, however, that we don't have a photo or picture of how the end result of the puzzle should be and that the puzzle pieces are not in a box on the table, but are hidden everywhere and nowhere.


Who thinks I think too much..... Just read all my predictions and analysis I've posted here over the past 12 months. And look for something that didn't come true or that turned out not to be right.....

For example, in this column:

How do these puzzle pieces fit together?


Bonus: Message from the Friesch Dagblad

“It is not going smoothly with the fight against the corona virus.
At the beginning of this year there was euphoria. The vaccine would set us free again. It was the ultimate solution.
Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. A vaccination rate of more than 80 percent has now been achieved.
Yet the solution is not yet close and what is the government doing? Playing a dangerous game. To label the unvaccinated as scapegoats.
Medical scientists also contribute. With inimitable figures and models, they lead us to believe that the unvaccinated will all get sick and that the hospitals will be overcrowded because of them.
University lecturers are also involved in driving social polarization.
They publicly announce that they do not want to teach students who have not been vaccinated.
The coalition parties in the House of Representatives, led by injection envoy Jan Paternotte (D66), blindly ratify all corona measures. The opposition parties have nothing to say.
Foreign heads of government are not afraid to act as people's advocates. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau recently chanted that no more access to public transport and education. And finally, the mainstream media plays a dubious role by repeatedly letting the same experts speak. Experts with a contrary view are not offered a platform. We are rapidly heading for a parallel apartheid society. And that is very disturbing. Perhaps even more worrisome is the fact that many do agree.
This approach is inappropriate and unjustifiable on medical, legal and ethical grounds. Various publications show that vaccinated people can indeed become infected and pose a danger to their environment. The degree of protection is decreasing, additional booster shots are being considered and in Israel and the United Kingdom we see that half of the IC occupancy consists of vaccinated people.
Morally reprehensible
The choice of vaccine is a constitutional and individual responsibility and affects physical integrity. From a crisis management perspective, there is no reason whatsoever to restrict this right to freedom. Not even with tests (to be paid for by yourself) for access as an alternative to a vaccination certificate.
This only creates a false sense of security, because free access is given to vaccinated people who may be contagious. Above all, it is morally reprehensible to exclude a large group of people from free social intercourse. Barely a year ago we learned a wise lesson with the lockdown and isolation measures in elderly care. Then they said unanimously: never again. Now, a year later, the exact same thing is happening.
We notice that politicians and (medical) scientists in The Hague are becoming insecure and entangled in the tunnel vision of their own right. They only believe in the vaccine and the billion-dollar test society. Measures are taken at will and people are not open to dissenters. The unvaccinated are dismissed as wappies and conspiracy theorists. A gross misjudgment. There should be more understanding for those who choose to forgo the vaccine (for the time being). And that's not even talking about the (very) serious side effects of the vaccines that are becoming increasingly public.
You can see the venom escalating on social media. Polarization, exclusion and dehumanization must come to an end. The key lies in the hands of the cabinet, science and the House of Representatives. One will have to show the guts to change strategy. That means no urge to (follow-up) injections, let go of fear and learn to deal with the virus, rely on the immune system and only protect the vulnerable as much as possible.
We are also witnessing an explosive increase in social unrest abroad.
We don't want a sanitary pass! We also don't want a parallel society. Not in ethnicity, not in religion, not in sexuality, but also not in being vaccinated or not. History has made it sufficiently clear to us what sowing discord can lead to. Prevention is better than cure."
Gert-Jan Ludden is crisis management consultant
Source: the Friesch Dagblad

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