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History is being written today: Is America Falling Prey to Socialism?

January 6, 2021. A country is at stake

Today electoral votes are counted by Congress.

Normally a half-hour ceremonial meeting, were it not for the people: #WeThePeople along with at least 12 senators and 88 members of Congress (so far) are standing up against these election results. They fight with Trump for the people and against socialism.

This means that there will be a debate of 2 hours long. According to the rules, that's 2 hours per objecting state. That's tens of hours. Regardless, this time will be used to convince the general public, without censorship, that large-scale fraud has been committed. It is up to everyone to make his or her own judgment.

#WethePeople: “This is Good against Evil”

That is how this battle is seen and we think that when one really knows what is going on, many will agree. In any case, we yearn for collective awareness among the Dutch people and hope that the energy from the US will blow over quickly and ensure a positivity among unanimous citizens who will no longer be fooled.

NTD, among others, broadcasts everything live. Donald Trump's speech is at 18:00 pm our time and the counting starts at 19:00 pm. We embed the live broadcast here. (times can change)

According to the constitution, Mike Pence, the vice-president, has full power to annul these elections according to many. Mainstream media is fighting this. The Trump campaign calls it fake news.

We have seen all the interrogations. Hours of testimony and evidence. We know what to expect if you go and have not seen the hearings yet. We hope they really get the chance to show the evidence. It will put an end to many doubts.

Today the general public gets the chance to see it with their own eyes.

Citizens from all over America come to Washington to defend their country. Hundreds of thousands or millions. And these people are not looting and terrorizing the city. These are the people that make themselves heard loud and clear.

This is not just about Donald Trump. He only stands in the way between the socialists, bigtechs, media and career politicians of both parties on the one hand and the renewed Republican common sense party and the people on the other. It's not a left versus right battle.

It is about the will of the people. We the people. Not everyone who has come to Washington is necessarily a Trump fan. But they see their land being stolen. That they lose their freedoms. And they stand up and support Donald Trump who never stops fighting.

This photo is from a few hours ago:


Let's try to get rid of the simple Trump vs. Biden think. Incidentally, also in the Netherlands. Let's see what the plans are of both administrations. Everyone has the right to find what he wants from Trump. But the question is: Do you support socialism? Or do you embrace democracy? The choice has never been clearer.

Amen! Awoman!

This is such an example of what lies ahead. “We”, because the developments in America will determine a lot about our future.

Emanuel Cleaver, congressman (woman) for the Democrats. Awoman… insane.


Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker of the House and fully agrees with the language being debased.

Imagine America becoming such a country. And we, with our globalist EU leaders and creepy climate men with beards who stand for diversity, open borders and centralized power (of unelected people) are in between Russia, China and the US… very scary. To put it mildly.

Fortunately, the Americans woke up immediately. The energy among the people is enormous. The citizens' initiatives that are being set up are fantastic to see. Nothing is more beautiful than a people who get up and take action. Goosebumps to follow ...

So watch! This is your chance to see what actually happened in the election.


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