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Toilet paper on the receipt?

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Today I would like to discuss the following topic with you. Namely the possible shortages that we hear more and more about left and right. Of course, at the beginning of the “pandemic” (or what must pass for it) we saw that the supermarkets suddenly had to deal with empty shelves! The toilet paper rolls in particular flew off the shelves like hot sandwiches over the counter. Personally, I did not expect that toilet rolls would be the first to be hoarded en masse, but there must be a good story behind it. What I personally could hardly get for weeks at the time in my supermarket were products such as flour, bake-off bread and painkillers (the latter is still a drama). At first I was quite shocked by the mass hysteria, but since I always make sure that my supplies are good, I didn't have to worry too much straight away. At the time I looked at the situation with suspicion and did buy certain things such as flour and baking flour et cetera a little "extra" when it was available again.

But that was eighteen months ago, and I've noticed a few things ever since. This way we could see that there was and has been price increases all because of the shortages caused by the lockdowns. Well I can imagine something here, especially when you consider that the entire logistics transport network worldwide was in a bind, factories did not produce and, in short, no deliveries were possible at the time of the lockdown madness. I also understand that it can take quite a while to clear up any arrears, but I can't help feeling that a lot of price increases are currently being pushed through under false pretenses. Resulting in more profit for the only companies that could and were allowed to earn a red rotten cent anyway, since these chains were more or less the only ones allowed to open. Of course I am now talking about the supermarket chains that I usually don't think so highly of anyway, but with my above-mentioned “suspicions” I will certainly not like the supermarket industry any more.

In addition to food, there have also been shortages of all kinds of raw materials such as wood and especially steel. Last month, for example, a new stove had to be installed here at home because the old one had failed after decades of faithful service. Anyway, the choice had fallen on a beautifully designed ceramic stove with a ridiculous amount of functions and made of, among other things, stainless steel. The delivery, however, was quite delayed. Where in the past you already had your new purchase at home on the same day, this stove took no less than three weeks! Well, it just so happens that I can light a nice fire if I do say so myself, so I could prepare my old fashion outside over a fire or on the charcoal barbecue during those weeks. But I was at least surprised by the long delivery time and once the mechanic showed up, I also asked him about this. The best man apologized politely and told me that he, like me, was also damaged by the long waiting times and that the problem was not with him and his chain but with the supplier. In other words, his company also had to deal with a kind of “empty shelves” because his suppliers did not deliver on time and were unable to do so, as they in turn were not supplied with materials for the manufacture of their products to be delivered. In the case of the cooker, the manufacturer had shortages of steel, which ultimately led to all this delay. Well, this is an example from my own hand, but recently I also read that major shortages have arisen in the category of electronic products. Apparently, because of the lockdowns, no chips could be made, with the result that this sector was also inactive for far too long. And what about medication? I already mentioned above that there was already a shortage of painkillers last year, but there is more! Recently I was told in the pharmacy that to my horror this also applies to many other types of medication, including a number of very essential medicines that the patient would rather not do without! This really frightens me because in such a case a shortage can have really serious consequences, in addition to which arise “inconveniences” such as cooking outside for a few weeks and going pale!

Another worrying situation, in my view, is the threat of possible electricity shortages. You have been hearing from many places in the world for some time that the power is out for a short or longer period of time. And now there is a lot to be said for that and the reason that this is happening I also seriously doubt and I am not at all happy about so-called “climate lockdowns”. The fact remains that it happened! In fact, it happens more often and in my opinion also longer. I find this frightening, not so much that with the lack of electricity you can no longer crack. After all, your computers, television, lighting and so on. Nothing works anymore. Also no freezer and or refrigerator which is downright nasty because you can destroy your entire inventory in the event of a power failure that is too long. And last but not least, almost all forms of communication are cut off in this way and people have to rely on carrier pigeons or bottle mail, which are known to take a long time. Especially if the pigeon gets lost or the bottle washes up on the wrong coast. Just sayin….

But all kidding aside. All these developments and especially what we can all expect are worrisome. Because besides all the inconveniences and even life-threatening situations that arise in themselves, you still have a large side effect of that scarcity. Namely dependence! Scarcity is every dictator's dream as it is an exceptionally useful tool for even more tyrannical oppression and other government-imposed misconduct and or policies. That the evil genius(es) behind the scenes are after this would not even surprise me anymore, the question is not why it happens, but the question is: what should we do when this happens? This question is seriously on my mind and I wonder where to draw the line when it comes to “prepping”. A stocked pantry never hurts, as can having enough candles, batteries and the like. I also see the usefulness of storing lumber firewood and possibly an extra jerry can with fuel for one or the other. But for me personally, that's about it. For the time being, I haven't dug out a nuclear bomb shelter, bought gas masks and I haven't even put together a bugout bag and prepared it to grab when the mess breaks out. Well, building a basement might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when I listen to my highly regarded favorite Viking named Bjorn Andreas Bull Hansen, I start to doubt whether at least considering additional amenities wouldn't be worth it. For example, Bjorn reports about various impending shortages and how he was initially a bit skeptical but did some research into facts and figures about the matter. He indicates that he is surprised that so many products are and or are becoming scarce so quickly. And he states that the situation is so serious that he feels called to share some advice. The most worrying thing Bjorn was able to report is that they have already spoken for the first time in his home country of Norway about an energy ration for everyone. Or energy on the receipt? All in all, enough to think about and to be prepared for that's why I like to share the link of the above video with you and I recommend everyone to watch it and think about it.

Ultimately, of course, I hope that everything I've mentioned so far will not happen. And that enormous scarcity will be spared us and with that complete chaos will also be avoided. Nevertheless, I expect at least problems in the food and power supply aspect. In fact, for that reason alone, creative thinking, including possible measures, is not a superfluous activity. In my opinion, being open to suggestions is at least as necessary, because that way one gains extra knowledge. That's why I'm curious how other people think about this subject and what they might think about doing it. What do you think?


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