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Top Epidemiologist turns "lockdowns" into FIREWOOD

Swedish logic vs. Dutch stupidity

Johan Giesecke, a world-renowned Swedish epidemiologist, who advises the Swedish government in the corona crisis, makes mincemeat of the insane lockdown, which means that the Netherlands, among others, is falling into the abyss.

“I've never had one unpublished study that has had such an impact on global policy. ”, according to Johan Giesecke.

Giesecke is not the first the best. This scientist is now 70 and retired, but was the first ever Chief Scientist of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and also an advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sweden is widely regarded as an outsider in how they fight Corona p (l) andemia. They also received strong criticism. But was that criticism because of concerns about Sweden? Or was that criticism perhaps because it was already felt that this killer virus is actually not that much compared to other diseases and viruses?

Sweden has relatively fewer “Corona deaths” than, for example, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, but also, comparatively, with neighboring countries such as Norway.

"Only older and vulnerable people should be protected"

According to Giesecke, only the elderly and vulnerable people should be protected. A line of reasoning that does not arise (or is evaded?) In the minds of our politicians.

“The weakening of the curve that is now being measured in various European countries is just as much the result of the premature death of the most vulnerable people as of the lockdown itself. “

And if the virus is really that dangerous, then you will NOT pull your country and economy for nothing. You make it worse. Anyone who believes that this can be stopped by keeping a meter and a half away does not understand much.

“Whatever people do, you can no longer stop this virus. It's like a tsunami that has taken us by surprise. We were especially afraid because it concerns an unknown disease. ”

According to Giesecke, covid-19 is indeed "a mild illness similar to the flu." "People who die today would otherwise have died within a short time."

And this statement exactly matches the numbers. Everywhere, in every country, more than 90% had an underlying condition. But most of them even 3 or more.

Here are the numbers in Italy:

And that is why we flatten the economy ??

Giesecke:“Imagine if we didn't know the flu and it suddenly showed up. Then we would have exactly the same reaction. ”

“But those people also die every year from the flu, who would not have had long to live anyway. So yes, their lives will be shortened by a few months and that is not nice. ”

Giesecke is especially afraid of the consequences for democracy. "How long can you oblige people to keep them at home in this way?"

You can do that in China, but here?

According to Giesecke, waiting for a vaccine is pointless because it takes too long.
"Doesn't work in a democracy."

Unless you want to destroy that democracy, and Rutte seems to want to go there. In the Netherlands, the really ridiculous measures will NOW start.

In terms of Corona, the worst is over, but the real misery in everyday life with being "new world" is going to cause many more problems. It seems as if Rutte, like other EU leaders, wants to reset society by talking about “The new normal”.

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