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Torture: Child should not wear glasses during gym so that mandatory mouth mask fits better

Torture: Child should not wear glasses during gym so that mandatory mouth mask fits better.

German doctor Bodo Schiffmann lets two 13-year-old children know in a video "most likely died because they wore masks."

Both children had no underlying diseases, a fellow doctor told him.

Schiffmann has fled to BitChute because of the censorship on YouTube.

"I have also received reports from neurologists and hospitals that more and more children suffer from headaches, concentration problems and nausea," he said.

'A father wrote to me that his son during the gym class was forced to wear a mouth mask.

He can be there glasses do not wear, so that the mouth mask fits better. The child is blind if not wearing glasses. Forcing a face mask during gym class is not a sport, it's murder! ' said the doctor.

“I don't know what goes on in the minds of the teachers who carry out orders and which endanger the well-being of the child. Who play this game, this game with the masks. ”He added.

It is no longer 1 second to 12, the clock has already struck 12 hours.

Schiffmann pointed out that people in Asian countries have been wearing face masks for some time, but that there have nevertheless been heavy waves of flu.

"Because face masks don't help against virus infections."

'Children die from wearing mouth caps. They suffer from neurological shame. We have to change policy. '

Schiffmann then lashed out at the authorities:

“There are fascists in the government. Police violence is on the rise. It is high time to wake up.

Stand up against the fascist dictatorship. We have no more time.'

'The vaccine will kill many more children. Hundreds, thousands. Flu vaccines don't work. They harm. That's science, but you don't hear about it, ”he said.

The claim is that murder also applies.

And yes, the children were deliberately murdered after being tortured for a while.
Murder with premeditation.

Because: the packaging of those masks simply says that the earloop caps NO provide protection against viruses and bacteria.

So. ….Yes that know the policy-makers behind the mask measure. And unfortunately, there are a number of large cooperatives and multinationals psychopaths on very powerful functions.

Juist asthma patients or oblige people who are sensitive to summer heat to put on a mask, causing them to be constantly short of breath and thus feeling that they choke.

We call that torture. Compare it with waterboarding. That is one torture technique which was widely used in Iraq, among others.

With this method, the victim is obliged to put a wet towel over his face. Making breathing almost impossible.

Are you curious about how an asthma patient feels when wearing a mouth mask?

Then you can give yourself a moment waterboarding, you only need a wet towel.

You then lie quietly on your back after which you put the wet towel on your face.

Then you will experience what it feels like to choke. And I assure you. After that, you also look differently at the mouth mask measure.



Please share your findings in the comment section. I'm curious.

Have a nice day.



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