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Total chaos organized by the elite!

A new vlog about how the chaos is currently being organized by the elite.

I have analyzed the images of the romeos, and it shows that they are foreign stormtroopers just like the Antifa.

They are out to cause unrest and disturbances in the Netherlands!

They are also in telegram groups calling for looting and riots under false names. I also demonstrate this!

It is important that this vlog is shared en masse so that people can see the dirty games the elite play, in order to eventually establish a totalitarian state!

I already said in one of my first vlogs that the fighters of this time are the football fans and the motorcycle clubs.

And this was confirmed yesterday throughout the Netherlands! Share this vlog so that everyone can see the true face of the globalist deep state!

I myself have a 30-day ban on facebook so I ask my friends and interested parties to put this on facebook en masse, thanks in advance!

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