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TRIPLE FARMMURDER and five farmers in three days

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Triple ranch murder in Bishopstowe, South Africa.

On Monday December 14, 2020, at approximately 18.00 p.m., Glynis de Bruin and her elderly father Colin Schwegman were chopped to pieces with a panga in their farm during dinner.

In addition, they were given a few bullets.

Her husband Danie de Bruin (58) was the first to turn in his garage in his yard.

He too was stabbed in the head and neck with machetes.

Two black terrorists disagreed with a transfer to another farm.
They also demanded one from farmer Danie Christmas bonus instead of a Christmas package.

After the triple farmmurder they ran off with a safe (which turned out to contain only documents) a relatively small amount of cash and the contents of the refrigerator.

Son Mark de Bruin received a call from Clinton Diedericks, owner of farm Hoegelee:

De sugar cane plantation was set on fire.

When Mark called his parents about this, he got no answer.
Then he took a look and found his family dead in pools of blood.

His father in his workshop, mother
Glynis in the kitchen and his grandfather near his bedroom.

Everything took place near Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu Natal.

This was the third farmmurder in three days!

Former eggs farmer Bill Theron (85) from Albert Falls Dam in Kwazulu Natal, who sold his farm about three years ago but still lived there, was found murdered at the entrance gate to his yard on Saturday, December 12.

He had just put his 'bakkie' (pick-up truck) away when his wife Christine had a gunshot heard.

She ran to her husband who was lying dead on the floor with the 'bakkie' keys still clutching in his hand.

He had a gaping wound on his face. He had been shot in the head and with a panga punched in the face.

At the end of November, a 80 year old boer, which vee was checking, tied to a tree and shot in the chest. His cell phone was stolen. He died on the spot.

On the same day that the triple placicide in Bishopstowe, the farmer died on Monday 14 December Poenkie Bisset needlessly during a farmmurder on farm Korhaanfontein, near Smithfield in the Free State.

She was on her way to her car to go shopping in town.

Her husband, farmer Arthur Bisset, found her dead body in the yard next to her car.

Earlier that day, she had told her husband to do the laundry first and then go shopping.

She lay on her stomach and turned out to have been stabbed in the neck two or three times with a sharp object.

She still had the house and car keys in her hand.

Her money had been taken.

Her earrings and wedding ring were also gone.

These were later found in the possession of a black security officer from Greensfield.

Her daughters Lieschen Walker and Charlene Bisset are in shock.

Spokesman for the peasant party D Alliance (DA), chris daddy, says that there is deliberately 'no bullshit' being done to the number of farmmurders that have risen from the pan.

He even talks about it dereliction of duty:

“In all those cases it is blatant lack political will and the insensitive attitude of that ANC-led provincial government. That lack of action limits pligs, bright. "

"That question is how much longer must hulle wag vir that government to step up firmly ??!"


“Or will that government go to town to take sake in their hands? !!”

How come this not on that nuus ??? !!!!

GENOCIDE: The number of murders of white farming families in South Africa through the roof !!!

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