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Trudeau's Election Gambling Backfires

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in mid-August thought it was a good bet to call new elections to increase his own power. For the 15th, Trudeau's Liberal Party had already been ahead of the Conservatives since March 2020, and the Prime Minister thought these trends would continue. But then.

Since Trudeau called for the election in mid-August, his Liberal Party has been steadily declining. The Conservatives, who are campaigning against Trudeau's corona policy but also emphasizing that these elections were completely unnecessary, are at the top of most polls as of August 25.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada since 2015, has made some controversial proposals. For example, he has said that unvaccinated people would no longer be able to use planes, trains, buses and other places and services.

Last Wednesday, Trudeau unveiled a budgeted election platform. Trudeau was heavily criticized for calling this unwanted election because "big decisions" for Canada were just around the corner, without publishing a real vision and presenting it to the electorate.

The real reason for the election is Trudeau's power games. When the elections were called, the Liberals were about to regain the majority in the polls they lost in the 2019 elections.

A poll by Abacus Data showed that opinions about Erin O'Toole, leader of the Conservatives, are improving and those about Justin Trudeau are deteriorating. Also, 48 percent said there should be a change of government.

However, it is far from certain that the Conservatives will win the election. A lot can still happen before September 20, especially as 38 percent in the poll say they can change their mind before Election Day.


From Day 1, Justin Trudeau is trying to make a theme of compulsory vaccination in federal workplaces and for air and rail travelers. Trudeau argues that these duties are extremely important, and tries to contrast this with O'Toole's point of view.

The Conservatives are calling on everyone to get vaccinated, but emphasize that those health decisions should be made by the people themselves. He clearly speaks out against compulsory vaccination.

Earlier this week, Trudeau urged an O'Toole administration to back the country on critical issues such as fighting climate change, strengthening the public health system and pushing for mandatory Covid vaccination.

“The fact that Mr. O'Toole is putting forth a vision that will bring Canada back rather than move us forward the way Canadians demonstrate every day that they want to go makes this election incredibly important to me to have now. The decisions as a government will be made now – not in a year, not in two years, but this fall – about how we end this pandemic and how we rebuild in a way that is better for everyone.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


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