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Trump, Erdoğan and the EU.

Trump, Erdoğan and the EU.

You probably got it last week. The Turkish attack in northern Syria, which is mainly focused on the Kurds and the PKK (Kurdish Labor Party). Not entirely unexpected, after the withdrawal of American soldiers who have been patrolling the area for years. <br><br>Donald Trump has made this decision without any doubt, after his words and arguments, which caused a lot of fuss. The American president received a lot of criticism from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, especially from the sidelines.

'"It makes no sense to sacrifice our people for a war that never ends."
"They didn't help us in World War II, they didn't help us in Normandy, and they are fighting for their own."
"" Turkey is a member of NATO, others must keep out of this. Let the Kurds fight themselves. I say: hit Turkey financially and with sanctions if they don't keep to agreements. "
"We have defeated the total IS caliphate. We did a great job. Now Turkey is attacking the Kurds, what they have been doing for 200 years ... "

Donald Trump looks from a distance, but with a sharp eye on the situation, so he let on know Twitter. Yet it seems as if the American president does not want to focus too much on it. A day after this decision and statements, Trump signed another partial trade deal with China and visited Minneapolis and Louisiana.

Donald Trump, who is clearly more concerned with the USA than with the rest of the world, he says, makes no more than a wise choice. Your own country at number one, and when the Americans were in northern Syria, they were too much involved in other parts of the world, but when they withdrew, various media spoke of an unacceptable act. Isn't this weird? First America gets involved too much, and when they then withdraw they do not do well again.

However, the European Union this partly brought to itself. The EU refused to provide any support to the US military, and the EU is now concluding deals with Erdoğan that they do not honor. Turkey currently accommodates 3,6 million refugees. No other country currently has so many refugees. The big point the Turkish president is complaining about is the amount of money that the EU will transfer. It will be about 6 billion euros, which is intended for the reception of refugees. According to Turkey, only 2,2 billion euros has been paid out at present.

The point of concern is the power of Erdoğan, which can send 3,6 million refugees to Europe with a simple push of a button. Turkey itself has already invested more than $ 10 billion on its own in the refugee problem and has no plans to invest any more. The repercussions of Europe's greatest refugee flow ever will be disastrous, and EU citizens can only hope that their politicians make the wise choices.

  • Jonathan

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