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Trump must get rid of Twitter!

Thus Democratic Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris (54)

Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (54) demands that President Donald Trump's Twitter account be immediately blocked and closed. She says that Trump is attacking members of Congress. He also has nothing to do with the whistleblower in the Ukraine affair, this is criminal behavior, says Kamala.

"He uses Twitter as a mouthpiece and that must be taken away from him".

Many responses followed:

'The world will be much happier without Twitter. Everyone should be blocked on Twitter '.

"Where has the time gone when we talked to each other without Twitter, looked each other in the eye and just used words?"

'I love you Twitter, but it is better if you disappear completely'.

Trump's tweeting is good and completely okay, he uses his tweets to keep the Americans informed of fake news. He rips people to pieces unfiltered and you can see that as negative, but many people see this as very positive '.

"It is also the First Amendment, the right to freedom of expression."

Donald Trump absolutely does not need the Twitter platform. He confronts the media in his own way. He walks from the White House to the end of his drive to talk to all the press mosquitoes for hours. None of his predecessors did this. '' Kamala Harris falls in the polls and threatens to fade and become completely out of the picture. She uses her statements as a tactic to get a 'splash' of attention in the press again.

Comedian Rob Schneider tweeted:  Kamala Harris is dirty. What she advocates is totally un-american. You are for the constitution or against the constitution. There are no other flavors'

FOX news: 'Left America has a hand in calling for CENSORSHIP anyway.

Joe Biden recently wanted to deny former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani access to television studios in order to deny him the right to speak and to silence Rudy.

But Giuliani should be able to orate on TV without censorship. The media should be professional enough to be on top of it right away in the event of 'spinning', lies or twisting words. The presenters should be able to deal with this in a normal way '.

"Censorship is not the answer." said Fox

By the way, there is no mention of Trump's lies in this case, but his tweets are called DANGEROUS LANGUAGE.


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