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Trump pretends to ban TikTok?

Donald Trump said yesterday from his flying fortress Air Force One that he will ban TikTok from the US or A.

With the TikTok app you can film yourself while dancing, singing or playing.

The videos can then be edited by the maker himself with various effects and placed online. The short films last 15 to become 300 seconds.

After posting online, users of TikTok can share, like and leave comments. The videos can also be immediately transferred to others SOCIAL MEDIA as Facebook.

TikTok is one of the most used apps in the world. The app produces more than 10 million videos every day.

So there is a good chance that your son or daughter will also like the app Used or at least heard about it.

The app is extremely popular among kids and young people.

Topics like diversity, transgenderism and the 'dangerous corona' are carefully pushed on TikTok via popularized transgender people like for example Dua Lipa. The transgender who is happy that he finally has two lips.

The TikTok app is already more than two billion downloaded once.

Tiktok, tiktok, your child is hypnotized. Your child's programming is real.

Orange lightning bolts and purple triangles fly around your ears.

Your son or daughter may know the app as was eventually acquired by a company in China and merged under the name TikTok.

The video app company has previously made a record settlement with a consumer watchdog FTC in America.

TikTok had to pay a fine from 5,7 million dollars, the highest amount ever in a US child privacy case.

TikTok collected names, email addresses and other private information from underage children.

Officially there is an age limit 13 years for the app. But many TikTok users are much under the age of 13. The children can easily enter a different date of birth, so that they still have access to all videos and to the other TikTok users.

America now suspects the Chinese of being American households spying on through TikTok.

On his way back from Florida, Trump announced on Friday that he will completely ban the app by Saturday 1 August. He even wants to deploy an emergency economic regulation through a presidential decree to accelerate this.

Insiders say, however, that Trump would be working on an order called ByteDance FORCES TapTok too sell to America.

Insiders say, however, that Trump would be working on an order forcing ByteDance to sell TikTok to America.

It has been leaked that Microsoft would like to buy TikTok from parent company Bytedance next Monday, they want to get the American activities of the mind control app in their hands.

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