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US elections: Trump vs. Biden - Common sense vs. Total madness

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Today is the elections in the United States.

In the Netherlands it passes by many, but these are perhaps the most important elections ever for humanity. Which way are we going? Is America Awake? Will common sense prevail?

There is so much to tell about what happened in the run-up to these elections.

It's not just about the candidates. It's how most of humanity thinks. Whether humanity is awakening.

Today in the US but it is a good reflection of which way humanity is going. Whether we are awake. What will happen here.

Joe Biden

On the one hand, we have the demented Joe Biden.

He hardly gets out of his shelter and as soon as he gives a “speech” via an autocue, because the man cannot remember a sentence (without exaggeration) there are a handful of spectators, most of whom are Democratic colleagues.


Circles have been drawn where the handful of spectators have to stand because of corona

The man is almost invisible. His running mate Harris is the most left-wing liberal socialist politician in the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders is nothing to it.

The Democratic party center is gone and Joe becomes the puppet of the Socialists. The party has been completely hijacked by the extreme left. If this party wins, it will be a very dark winter and very dark years will come for the US and for the rest of the world.

The Democrats are colluding with China, we can now say. They will open up all borders and the wall of Trump will be torn down. It will be hell on earth. It represents all the irrationality that we are experiencing here right now.

Biden's tactics? Corona, corona, corona.

He wants to lock the country. Duties of masks. Keep distance. Lockdown. Stop the oil industry because of climate nonsense. That will cost millions of jobs. And billions of dollars.

Because Joe wants to join the Green Deal. Joe is going to raise taxes. He is the first candidate ever to preach tax increases in his campaign. It is a disastrous prospect.


Biden and Harris



On the other side we see Donald Trump and Vice President Pence. Ever heard tens of thousands of people shout to a President at once:  "We love you?".

The day before yesterday, 74-year-old Donald Trump held no less than 5 rallies where he had a wonderful gathering with tens of thousands of fans. Each rally takes almost 2 hours, but this man is a machine.

It is always packed. Trump gets it done. Because it's about something. These are the elections that determine everything.

It is the land at stake. American culture. American History. The pride of the people.

That's why they love Donald Trump because no one else loves them. The unity that this man has created is unprecedented.

The man is so incredibly popular that he attracts between 20.000 and 45.000 men at every rally. Besides that, big Trump parties spontaneously arise throughout the country. 

And the more fun the people have, the more the Democrats complain. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Mike Pence is his staunch and loyal Vice President who can take over the role of President if needed. An honest man who can talk and think.

Trump wants to open things up. Understands that the positive tests are not infections and understands very well how the corona story works. Trump wants to continue what he was doing before corona entered the country. And how well he did it. Everything he was chosen for the man performed. The wall, the economy that rose like never before. Better care for black Americans. For the latinos. Never before has a President had so much support from these populations.

It shows that BLM has nothing whatsoever to do with racism but simply, like Antifa, is a terrorist organization with whites and blacks.



Here is a wonderful short compilation of the Trump Rallies with Nigel Farage guest at the end of the video

From 4: 22 "We love you!" 

The people HAVE a Donald Trump victory. It is their own victory. A confirmation that they haven't lost their minds but that they've always been right and weren't the only ones who thought the way they thought.

Just like here.


Today's elections are not just about the two candidates / parties. There is so much to say about what these elections are about. And it is also extremely important to us !!

It is about whether the country and the economy open up and the US goes back to normal against the country completely shutting down and more and more lockdowns, masks and other far-reaching measures to beat a virus while a virus cannot be beat.
It's about if the media is finally beaten and the people have shown that they are done with the mainstream media and see through all their lies and framing
It is about whether we continue with this thoroughly corrupt political system or whether this so-called “Deep State” is finally dismantled
The point is whether the social media will go through the basket after doing everything possible to support Biden and censor Trump. (And propagate the corona fear)
It's about the fight against censorship on Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook
It's about putting an end to indoctrination in schools that are taught to hate America

It's about whether a man, Donald Trump, on his own, with so much popular support, can win against all these opponents.

Big techs, media, corrupt politicians, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, radical Dems, Antifa, BlackLivesMatter, socialism and the huge amount of money spent on Joe Biden's campaign with shady backers with names like Geoge Soros. And that money has not gone to campaigns. Where then? Remember, Dems (left, socialists) NEVER give up and are capable of ANYTHING. Nothing is going too far. Also don't break the law.

It's about whether America is going to become a socialist state or a proud patriotic country


The media is so convinced that Biden will win that you almost believe in it yourself.

It is what we are experiencing here in Europe with the difference that it peaked in the US. Or perhaps the boiling point.

The media virus in the US is something you can hardly imagine if you don't see it with your own eyes. It is unreal how the media completely ignore all the corrupt acts of Joe Biden and his family. The found laptop showing that the Biden family, including Joe, received money from China is being ignored. His son Hunter received billions of dollars while an inexperienced cocaine junkie. Now he has an oil company with 10% for the BIG MAN (Biden).

They have completely ignored the wars in the major cities in the Democratic States caused by Antifa and BLM. People were shot in the street. Perpetrators were not prosecuted. Two policemen in a patrol car were killed and the media, each one, is ignoring it. Except for FOX News.

Trump has passed all tests and whatever people think of him, the man is there. Says what he does and does what he says. Any other person who would have endured so much (impeachment, Mueller report, demonization) had long since been gone because all politicians have something to their credit. But Donald Trump is not a politician. It's a patriot and it's the guy who wants to dismantle corruption and then you make enemies. Lots of enemies.

He gets up at 4 in the morning. Tweets you a “hello” and is then approachable everywhere, always at work and the day before yesterday five rallies in one day across America. Talk to 40.000 people for five times an hour and a half. The energy that the man has and radiates is unprecedented.

Trump also wants to end that awful corona hype.

Today is the big test.

Here's a snippet of Trump's view of the corona hype (subtitled in Dutch):



Tonight we will see if the fake media is FINALLY beaten.
Tonight we will see if the people are really awake and we will see if this era is coming to an end. First in the US, but irrevocably, no matter how much we will have to bleed with these crazy EU leaders first, it will also come here. This is a movement of common sense that cannot be stopped.

Here's another interesting clip from Tucker Carlson about the election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump to get a better view of the situation there.



Whatever the media say. Whatever you hear everywhere. However one puts Joe Biden at the forefront of the polls. If everything is fair, only one person can really win. We have never seen so much support and enthusiasm before. It's 2016x10.

Donald Trump is going to win, is my prediction. And how!!

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