Trump warns: Europe is losing its culture through immigration

The President of the United States Donald Trump has warned that Europe is losing its culture.

Bringing in millions of migrants from foreign cultures has changed the “Factory of Europe” forever. "And not in a positive way!", says Trump. (source)

"I think it's a shame." he told The Sun.

“Unless you act quickly, it will never be again with you as before. And I don't mean that in a positive way. Admitting millions of refugees to Europe is very VERY sad. ” said Donald Trump.

Conversation on radio with The Sun:

This message is very similar to what Donald Trump said here in 2018 about immigration into Europe:

Trump also spoke specifically about the United Kingdom, which is heavily burdened by mass immigration.

Trump's parents are from two European countries. His father from Germany and his mother from Scotland.

Trump himself is doing good business for his country. The United States is closing its doors more and more to immigrants and that is bearing fruit. The country is doing well and the Dems have enough time to continue their nonsensical witch hunt on Donald Trump.

Preventing repression by Republicans and Trump

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