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Truth seeker Fred Teunissen guest at Radio Glacier

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Fred Teunissen is founder of the popular website TransitieWeb and joined Radio Glacier to talk about the Akashic Chronicles, 5G, decentralization, the recently published book 'The Truth Is Out There' to which he contributed together with 17 other truth seekers. delivered, and its specialty: chemtrails.

Fred investigates the mysterious plane stripes in the sky. One of the objectives of spraying chemicals into the atmosphere, he says, is to increase the concentration of aluminum: 'Nano-aluminium is a substance that makes the atmosphere more electrically conductive. With radar and HAARP installations you can influence the ionosphere and that is all much easier with a more electrically charged atmosphere.'

From the chemtrails, the conversation turns to a more spiritual topic: the Akashic Records; tuning your frequency to the universal library where you can ask for advice. Fred: 'I call it cosmic memory. It's nothing floaty. But you have to use it for what it is for, which is for comprehension questions. For example: Which aspects of my personality should I give priority to? That is a question of understanding. And you always get something in return that makes you want to watch.'

He is currently compiling a book spanning ten years of TransitieWeb, with almost 200 articles by several authors. Fred: 'It is mainly to have an archive. So much evaporates online, so a book is a fantastic form to prevent TransitieWeb from evaporating too.'


Heaven under Fire (Fred Teunissen)

The Truth Is Out There (Jaron Harambam and Marije Kuiper)

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