The biggest obstacle in the Trump era, besides Kushner, is the old mice ("Rhinos") of the Republican Party.
The Rhinos think they can score politically by being more like Democrats, giving BLM its way and leaving the borders wide open to flood the labor market with dirt cheap workers.

And that is precisely what the 2015/16 Trump revolution opposed: Trump wants to transform the party into a National Populist platform of Law & Order, SMEs and immigration restriction.

Despite all the opposition from within the Party, Trump has managed to partially reduce immigration, regulation and foreign interventions, and to construct more than 300 kilometers of border wall.
In itself a nice result, but not to be satisfied with when you realize that the “Rhinos” in the Republican Party have often prevented the President from achieving greater or better results.

That's why Tucker calls out to confront the Rhinos: 'Make it clear to your Republican Senator or Member of Parliament what you want from him. "They may not have a backbone, but they are more afraid of losing your voice by not listening to you."

The same is true here:
Party membership has a function, and is not just to be allowed to applaud at conferences. Too often members are passive when their Party does something they don't like.
I don't mean you should start flying, but you should use your membership card to empower the feedback you give your party.

It was precisely the large numbers of letters from active members that sent FvD to ask questions about 5G, regardless of whether Thierry thinks that 5G is dangerous or not.

Too often I come across people who demonstratively cut their membership card above the trash can and limit themselves to endless grumbling about “but FvD also wanted Lockdown”, “Thierry is a Zionist” and “It makes no sense”.

Instead, I opt for “infiltration” through membership and (since I was 13 years old) I address my politicians personally or by letter about his / her views. Keep it Short, Powerful & Concrete, and don't digress into a 1000-word argument about Epstein and Illuminati.

Every letter is a push in the right direction, however small it may be.


Tucker Carlson - "Voters must demand change from Republicans"

Vincent James - “Tucker Carlson declares war on the GOP. And this is why you should join him ”

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