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Tulsi Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton for $ 50 million dollars

The Hawaiian Tulsi Gabbard attempting to become a Democratic presidential candidate was blackened by Hillary.

Clinton clearly did this with malicious intent to eliminate her rival.

“I'm demanding $ 50 million in damages. Democracy has also been damaged by its lies. ” says Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi would be the favorite of the Russians and work for them.

Clinton's statements were heard during a podcast with David Plouffe, a former Obama adviser in October 2019.

Gabbard: “The foundation for Clinton's defamation lacks solid evidence. Clinton is delusional. The fact that I would work for the Russians was entirely due to Clinton's fantasy. ”

“I served four terms in Congress and served in the United States military. I saw a lot of 'Top Secrets'. Clinton would never have shown me that if I worked for the Russians. ” so Tulsi resisted.


"It is abject and infamous that a former Senator and former Secretary of State helps such dubious conspiracy theories out into the world."

Yesterday, she officially sued Clinton before the Federal Court in New York.

According to Tulsi, Hillary has become particularly angry because Tulsi supported the Democrat Bernie Sanders and not Hillary, who had to battle Bernie Sanders four years ago to become a Democratic presidential candidate.

John Pedesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign leader in 2016, is said to have threatened Tulsi Gabbard.

“We're going to make your life miserable and torpedo your campaign with a hammer drop. "

Hillary Clinton refuses any comment on the summons of Tulsi Gabbard.


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