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Alex Jones addressed Donald Trump in his warning video.

He told Trump he's on very slippery ice:

"Trump, you embrace globalism if you continue to mandate vaccines and allow large-scale online censorship."

Donald Trump, you're already halfway through the Rubicon.

Retrace your steps while you still can. '

The Rubicon is a river between Italy and Gaul.
Julius Caesar crossed this river in 49 BC to unleash a war against Pompeii and the Roman Senate.

American Alex Jones calls on Trump not to tack for involuntary vaccination of the Americans or to remain indifferent about censorship.

Trump supporters have become Spanish short of breath in recent weeks.

The vaccinations announced by Trump himself by the US military at the end of this year are of serious concern to them.

Trump's statement at Fox Business

Alex Jones continues with:

"Trump you've done two things lately that make you a globalist and thus an enemy of America."

'Leadership is about doing the right thing. Choosing the right thing because it is the RIGHT thing and because you believe in the right thing. '

"YOU can wake up anyone and point out that they are being manipulated and scammed." Jones chided Trump for his mass vaccination plan.

Alex Jones further said to Trump:

'Turn around!! You are now halfway up the river.

You betray common sense, common sense, the constitution and your most ardent supporters. '

The restrictions imposed on political channels on the Internet are not addressed at all by the US government. The tech giants that curb people cannot be whistled back by the government, because the possibilities for this are lacking.

"We, Project Veritas and others have tried to stand up for all internet users, protect their rights and keep an eye on the big tech cartels," says Jones.

But you, President Trump have failed to save political speech from exile. "

"Trump, your campaign manager Brad Parscale has whispered to you that you don't need the bastards anymore."

"Do you know how humiliating Trump is that millions of Americans are being banned, blocked or censored and then you are NOT standing up for their rights ?!"

"People who work day and night to promote the Make America Great Again agenda and defend you tooth and nail on Trump, and then just let them sink into the shit !!"

`` You won't come to their rescue when they are persecuted by Trumphaters and their First Amendment: freedom of speech is taken away by them and by tech companies.

It's a hard slap in the face! '

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