Twitter is once again discredited

Twitter is once again discredited

The Nigerian government has instructed the country's telecommunications operators to restrict access to Twitter within the country's borders, after the social media giant received a message from President Muhammadu Buhari had removed/censored.

“Our members have received formal instructions from the Nigerian Communications Commission, the industry's regulatory body, to suspend access to Twitter” , Gbenga Awonuga, executive secretary of the Association of Licensed Telecommunication Operators of . told Nigeria (ATLON), to NewsMax. (source)

“We are only following the government guideline as we are government licensees.” (source)

Gbenga Awonuga

Although the indefinite ban was enforced by network providers on June 4, in some cases the platform was still accessible the next morning. Awonuga said those network providers are "breaking access".

The country's attorney general stated that anyone who breaks the rules banning Twitter will be prosecuted immediately, without elaborating on the exact nature of what would be a violation.

“Based on national interest provisions, our members have acted in accordance with the guidelines of the Nigerian Communications Commission”ALTON said. (source)

The Nigerian government's decision came two days after Twitter tweeted President Muhammadu Buhari who threatened to punish regional secessionists in the West African country.

The removal of the president's post was addressed by Information Minister Lai Mohammed, who claimed the president has the right to talk about security issues, and criticized the tech company's actions. (source)

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“Twitter's mission in Nigeria is very, very suspicious,” said Mohammed.

“Twitter may have its own rules, but it's not the universal rule. If, anywhere in the world, Mr. President is feeling very bad and concerned about a situation, he is free to express such views. Any organization that instructs its members to attack police stations, kill police officers…are you saying that Mr. President has no right to express his dismay and anger at that?”

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Mohammed compared the situation in the United States, when rioters “Burning police stations and killing police officers”, with that of demonstrations in Nigeria against police brutality, and said Twitter believed it was their “right to protest” was.

“But when something similar happened at the Capitol, it turned into an uprising”, he said, citing the US Capitol breach on Jan. 6 that was clearly staged but led Twitter to ban more than 70.000 accounts, including the account of then-President Donald Trump, and said that his messages posed a risk of "further incitement to violence," although Trump's messages specifically urged protesters to be peaceful. (source)

On June 5, British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria Gill Atkinson wrote on Twitter that Twitter “All Nigerians have the right to freedom of expression and the responsibility not to abuse that right.”

“Any action by the government must be measured and proportionate and must not suppress fundamental freedoms.”

On the same day, Twitter announced they would be working to restore access to all people in Nigeria who want to use the platform and said the suspension would be indefinite. “very worrying” was.

Then you can say… “Ah well, Nigeria…”

Nigeria, Canada, the Netherlands… They are all banana republics.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube… They are all criminal organizations that act according to interests.

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