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Two months in prison and a fine for immigration criticism

Renaud Camus, the author of “La Grand Replacement” has been sentenced to two months in prison and a fine of 1800 euros which he must pay to anti-racism organizations

Reason? Because he is mass immigration, in France an invasion has named.

Once the word surrounding is used, it is directly associated with the extreme right. Probably because the Nazis the noun Umvolkung used. This apparently means that the word may no longer be used.

But the Nazis also spoke of it leader (leaders) and Habitat (living space). In this way little remains of the beautiful German language.

This while the word simply refers to the complete or partial replacement of the current population. Something is going on, whether you are for or against.

That there is a word for this phenomenon should be logical.

Anyway, if that word is no longer allowed, what can we call the phenomenon that the original population is being replaced or called? Then we will use that when we get over surrounding to speak. Because it happens. Whether you like it or not. On the contrary, it becomes dangerous when we are no longer allowed to name and investigate matters.

Political correctness. It is extremely dangerous and gets in the way of any serious discussion. 














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