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You arrive at with a large photo of Biden. The Facebook sharing buttons will disappear. When we want to share it ourselves we see this:

Dumbfounded. The Democrats also use the term #wethepeople.

Now this redirect to the page will have been done by Antifa itself or anyone and not (yet) the government, but it is symbolic of the fact that socialism has taken over America. Antifa marches through the streets of New York. Violence is also reported as "good" by the Dutch mainstream media. Socialism is also imposed on us by our media. Our politicians are not going to stop this. They are the same globalists who are behind this and want the same with Europe.

There is no other solution. These people must be stopped by the people. Someone with charisma (or a whole party with charisma and balls) has to stand up to fight hard against this and get the people moving en masse. This cannot go on like this. We all break down.

They are really not immune to a peaceful popular uprising. We have a small country. Maybe there is still something to be saved. We have every right.

We can still prevent a violent takeover of our country without violence.

This photo is from last weekend's Antifa march in New York City.

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