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Donald Trump wins battle against Democratic judges

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In the US, the judges of the Supreme Court and the Federal Districts are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.

Since Trump has been in power, he has filled many vacant judicial positions with judges who propagate constitutional, conservative and / or nationalist beliefs.

Because many judges resigned / died / fired during the Trump presidency, Trump was able to appoint enough judges to largely create the judicial landscape in the vision of Conservatism and Nationalism.

Imagine if we could do that here too: All those D66 judges replaced by PVV / FvD judges!

As a result, the Trump Administration has less and less to do with Federal courts that are opposed to objections to policy plans, which means that laws must be postponed until the Supreme Court has the time to approve / reject an objection.

Is this bad? No!

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew that the judiciary "neutrality" did not exist and the appointment of judges by one independent committee / group therefore makes little sense, hence their choice of elected judges.

And that is still the way it is today.

 And that is still the way it is today.

Spread the freedom!

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