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Until here and NOT further with the EU!

It seems that a breakthrough is beginning to take place, with the necessary letters I have been bombarding group chairmen and MPs lately, because it cannot be the case that we get stuck in this backward lockdown, which we winds back to a crisis comparable to the crisis of the XNUMXs!

Both FvD and PVV have ended up in a situation that is not exactly satisfactory for both parties, both called for a short lockdown at the very beginning, but with a cabinet of edge debiles, who did not take any notice of what was going on. in Wuhan, who were not hindered by any form of knowledge, the whistleblowers PVV and FvD were completely ignored, since this virus would never reach the Netherlands.

Of course this turned out very differently and when this virus also took hold in the Netherlands, panic broke out, but then we see how narcissistic people of this cabinet thought and thought, for example, one could not get mouth masks, at least so they thought and the civil service became painfully exposed, they became so entangled in their protocol policy that they were unable to turn the button!

In countries such as Slovakia we see, for example, that corona was kept within bounds by the industry, the people made it themselves and successfully, in the Netherlands there are the necessary companies that make face masks, you would think everything better than nothing, unfortunately the majority think of our backward civil service in the Netherlands was not so and caused the people in healthcare to suffocate completely by blocking the provision!

We also see such practices with a GP who very successfully cured ten corona patients from Covid-19, what happened, Rob Elens wanted to share his success with other GPs and posted a video about this on YouTube, now you will think that if someone very successfully managed to cure ten out of ten patients, that something like this will be taken over in the fight against such a virus, unfortunately not for imbeciles!

This is a remedy for malaria and not for Covid-19, so this should be prohibited, as it works now in the Netherlands, the bureaucracy has gone so far that a result no longer counts, that human lives have only become an afterthought, protocols are important and the pharmaceutical industry is important, so who is that Rob Elens, who must be stopped!

Fortunately, Rob Elens is not as scared as pulmonologist Rob Prins, who did let his mouth be shut and Elens started a petition, because it is a shame that people who do not want the best for us because of huge money flows are massively killing us want to help vaccine.

A vaccine that does not even exist, which Minister de Jonge said that we can no longer follow football matches if we are not vaccinated, people think twice, this whole virus has been grown in a laboratory, put out by idiots who want to suppress us and have very dark plans with us, these injections are part of that, do you still go for such an injection?

They are no longer representatives of the people, but lackeys of Brussels, who are handing us over!

Thierry Baudet and Geert Wilders have become entangled in the snow trail of this extremely disgusting cabinet, it is difficult to find out, but I believe that this is possible, we can be frightened by imbecile money wolves like an Ab Osterhaus, but these people are only hungry for money, they don't care about a lifetime, Pim Fortuyn would say: Chase them to hell!

Corona has been in the Netherlands since the sixties, Rutte takes advantage of the fear of death, but we have nothing to lose, only to gain, yes we all die someday, but we die as cowards that are suppressed, or we die in a free and democratic Netherlands, the choice is yours, I have made my choice for a long time, I love to throw Rutte and associates into the meat grinder!

They never get my voice and I will never get vaccinated voluntarily, people like a Sara Cunial make me happy, fortunately more and more people are waking up, listen what she says:

This is what is going on, don't be a slave, resist this, destroy the roots of this evil, choose the democracy that can be the Netherlands again!

Chris Collard!

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